Can I Give My Cat Away?

Can I give my cat away?Maybe people that get cute little kittens end up wondering “how can I give my cat away?”. It’s just a simple fact that many cats either lose some of their cute when they turn to cats, or get too big to be having around the house, or eat too much food to keep up with financially.

Whatever your reason for wanting to give your cat away, it’s important that you consider all of your different options before choosing which one works best for your situation. There’s no shortage on the number of cats out there, so hopefully your cat is really cute and has a good personality so that people will want to take them in.

You should also evaluate why you’re getting rid of your cat, and see if there is a way that you can keep them, but solve the problem that is making you want to get rid of them. Sometimes we paint ourselves into a mental corner thinking that there’s only one option left, but if we look at things from a different angle we see that there are actually several different options.

Can I Give My Cat Away? Answer: Yes.

You may be forced to get rid of your cat because you or one of your family members develops an allergy to them. Or perhaps you’re moving into a new apartment that doesn’t take pets. Or maybe they’ve just gotten out of hand, and are doing things you can’t get under control like scratching furniture, or spraying all over the house. You might not be aware, but there are actually obedience trainers, similar to dog training, that can help you get your cat under control if it is a behavioral issue that is causing you to want to give them away.

If it’s something that is beyond your control, like the allergy issue, or the relocating issue, then you want to find the best way to give your cat a new home. Cats are a little harder to place than dogs, because an adult cat has usually lost a lot of what made it adoptable, and they just sit around looking moody all day. If you’ve had them since they were kittens then you remember how cute they were, but for someone that is just meeting them as an adult it is a little bit harder for them to form a bond.

What Are My Options?
People give their cat’s away and all sorts of different ways, when they’re kittens you might just see a sign outside that says “free kittens”. When they get a bit older, people are less likely to pick them out of a cardboard box, so you can drop them off at your local Humane Society, and they’ll take it from there. However, you should know that if your cat isn’t adopted after a certain period of time they will have to be put down to make room for new cats coming in.

That’s why it’s important to find the best way to get rid of your cat, without shortening their lifespan. Ask around to your friends to see if anyone has been wanting a new pet, and see if they can be convinced to take yours. This way you can make sure your cat is getting a good home, and you can also visit them from time to time to see how they’re doing. But be careful because if your friend ends up giving your cat away in the future, or they don’t treat your cat as good as you wanted them to, it might put a strain on your relationship.

Don’t Just Let Them Loose
Stray cats are a big problem when it comes to controlling the pet population. A lot of people still don’t take Bob Barker’s advice of spaying and neutering their cats, so a stray cat can lead to many more cats in the future. That’s why it’s your responsibility to tie up this loose end before you leave town. It shouldn’t be that hard to find them a new owner. You can even post their picture on Craigslist and list all of their best features, like having a good temperament, being playful, and always using the litter box.

If you stick to the above methods we’re sure you’ll have no trouble placing your cat in a new home, and you can get on with your life as it was before.

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