Can I Give My Cat AZO?

Can I give my cat AZO?If you think that your cat is suffering from a urinary tract infection, you might be tempted to give them some AZO to help them through it. While you might think that this is a good idea, since AZO is available without a prescription, it’s really not the best idea for your pet.

The biggest reason is that it is made for humans, and has not been tested on cats. The second biggest reason is that it is a serious condition, and not one that you want to feel you can take lightly, or self-medicate at home. It’s important to properly diagnose and treat your cat’s urinary tract infection, because while it may just be a nuisance for humans, it is potentially fatal for cats.

So really the best thing for you to do is monitor your cat’s behavior, check for the usual signs, and then bring them into the vet so that they can verify your suspicions and put them on the proper medication that is proven to work best in cats.

Can I Give My Cat AZO? Answer: Not Recommended

Most of the time you can just let a condition pass, but a feline bladder infection is one in which you’ll have to take action if you notice the symptoms. You don’t want to resort to just giving them some AZO and hoping for the best. There are specially designed medications that should be used at this time in order for the infection to be cleared up in the shortest amount of time possible.

Properly Diagnosing a UTI in Cats
Before you start taking any steps to treat your cat for a UTI you should make sure they actually have one. You’d be surprised how many owners end up treating their pets for conditions they don’t have. The best way is to take them into the vet, who will be able to make the best determination of what’s going on with your cat, and will also be able to prescribe the best course of treatment, no matter what they find out.

Look for unusual behaviors, like not using the litter box to urinate, or yowling when they are urinating. If you notice that they are having a difficult time trying to urinate, or if they have been really thirsty lately. These are all signs that they might have a bladder infection. You can also check for some telltale signs like blood in their urine, a stronger odor than usual to their urine, and general malaise displayed in your cat.

Preventing a Recurrence
Once you’ve gotten rid of this condition once, you’ll want to prevent it from popping up again. Be sure to upgrade their food if you’ve been getting the low-cost variety from the supermarket. You should notice an overall improvement in their health, because high quality cat foods actually do use better ingredients and have more of what your cat really needs. Keeping their litter box fresh and clean is a way to encourage that they use it when they have the urge, and not hold onto their urine because they don’t want to use a dirty box.

There are also certain things you can’t really prevent. If you end up changing homes or present any other sort of stressful situation to your cat, it could lead to the onset of a UTI. Also, there are certain things that make your cat more susceptible to getting them. For example an older, male cat will have a higher likelihood of developing an infection than a younger female cat. If you know that your cat is in a high risk category you should pay extra close attention to them, and take action at the first signs to catch it early and provide the best chance of a speedy recovery.

Most of the time we advocate more of a hands-off approach when it comes to treating your cat for certain ailments, but in the case of a urinary tract infection you have to be decisive and seek help at the first signs of trouble. This is one thing that your cat does need your help with, so be sure to bring them to the vet if they start displaying the signs.

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