Can I Give My Cat Baking Soda?

Can I give my cat baking soda?Cat owners use baking soda for a wide array of uses with cats, so let’s look at just what you should and shouldn’t use it for when it comes to your cat.

With a pet in your home you feel a bit like a mother at times. You take care of it, play with it, feed it and make sure that it is having the time of its life, just like you care for a baby. And you tend to become more careful and vigilant when the pet in your care happens to be a cat. Unlike other pets, cats cab be more sensitive and fragile. Their digestive systems are also more inclined towards getting sick and upset.

You can’t give everything to your cat, you need to be very sure when you are giving something to your cat that it’s been pre-approved. You need to keep a check on the quantity and the quality of the food they get, and about the items you use to help treat certain conditions.

Can I Give My Cat Baking Soda? For Some Uses, Yes.

Baking soda is actually sodium carbonate which, if taken in large amount, causes gastric problems in cats. Therefore, giving your cat baking soda in their diet is not a good idea. But the uses for baking soda are many, and in some instances you can use it to help treat your cat.

Other Uses of Baking Soda
Adding baking soda to your cat’s diet might not be the best idea, however, using baking soda for other purposes can be very helpful. There are millions of everyday problems that can be easily cured by using baking soda. We’ve listed a few here for a handy reference.

For Your Kitty’s Healthy Teeth
Hygiene is important not only for humans but for animals too, and dental hygiene is the most important part of the overall hygiene process. Every time you brush your kitty’s teeth, dip the brush in baking soda. This will make your cat’s teeth and gums strong and healthy. You can use baking soda as a mouthwash for your cat. Add half a teaspoon of baking soda in a cup of lukewarm water and use the solution as mouthwash.

Getting Rid of the Skunk Smell
If your cat is facing skunk problems, then make a solution of 1 quarter of 3% hydrogen peroxide, 1 teaspoon of liquid soap and a quarter cup of baking soda. Wash your pet with this concoction and discard the remaining solution. It should work to neutralize the odor.

Cleaning Up Accidents
If your cat is not trained to use a litter box then you would have to face many “cat accidents” until your cat finally understands the use of its litter box. Use club soda for scrubbing the area. After a while, sprinkle some more baking soda on that spot and vacuum the area.

Bee Stings
If a bee stings your poor little kitty, make sure you remove the stinger first. After that, cover the area with some baking soda paste, your cat will feel better in no time.

Toenail Trimming
Trimming your cat’s nails is one of the hardest things. Many times, cat owners cut too closely and draw blood from their kitten’s paw. If you run into the same accident, dip the wounded nail in some baking soda and then apply pressure to it. This will stop the bleeding and help the healing process.

Other Things to Avoid
Baking soda is not the only thing that needs to be kept out of reach. You need to take care of your cats as you take care of a toddler. Do not leave things on floors or on kitchen tables or anywhere where your cat can easily reach. Alcohol, medicines, caffeine and fizzy drinks are some of the things that you should never give your cat access to, no matter what the circumstances are.

These items can have dangerous effects on your cat’s little digestive system. Alcohol is so dangerous for cats that they can go into a coma if they have a taste of it and sometimes they can even die if the amount taken is too large.

A Quick Note
You cannot feed your cats baking soda, however, you can use baking soda for other everyday problems. It can help you with various cat related troubles.

Can I Give My Cat Baking Soda?


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