Can I Give My Cat Castor Oil?

Can I give my cat Castor Oil?If your Is experiencing digestive troubles, you might be tempted to give them some castor oil. But is this an old wives tale, or is there any validity to the benefits of taking it or administering it to your pet.

It supposedly stimulates a bowel movement the same way that an enema would, but that’s for humans, not necessarily for cats. Plus, it may not be the easiest thing in the world to get your cat to ingest enough caster oil for it to be effective.

Most times when Is having stomach trouble, it will just pass on its own, and they don’t need you to intervene in any way. A Left outside will naturally eat some grass in order to calm their stomach, so this might be an all-natural option and a good replacement for Castor oil.

Can I Give My Cat Castor Oil? Answer: Not Recommended

You want to avoid anything that gives your cat a harsh reaction, and castor oil will most likely cause chaos to their digestive system. If you have noticed that your cat is straining to use the litter box, they are probably suffering from a routine bout of indigestion, or they swallowed too much hair. Either way, they should be fine in a few hours, so the best thing you can do is monitor their behavior and litter box usage to see if the problem persists.

What If the Constipation Escalates?
If this becomes a chronic case of constipation, you should consult your vet and not take matters into your own hands by giving them products designed to stimulate a bowel movement. You may think that castor oil would be a natural cure for your cat but they would not be drinking it in the wild if they were left on their own, and they would be able to deal with their problem without your help.

Cats and Simplicity
We give today’s domesticated cats too many products made for humans. Their wild relatives are roaming the jungles and other lands without any interaction with humans and getting along just fine. You have to give some credit to nature and let them figure things out on their own.

As a responsible owner you may feel that it is your job to make sure that your cat never suffers. but they don’t suffer in the same way that humans do, they just take life as it comes and don’t make a condition out of the temporary thing like constipation. It’s just something they’ll deal with, so you don’t have to worry so much.

Caring is a Good Thing
It’s good that you care about your pet, but sometimes not doing anything is the best thing you can do for them. You can also be more strategic about things, and analyze what’s been going on in their life over the last few days. Has anything changed in their world? Did you change cat food? Did you alter their feeding schedule? In more extreme cases, have you recently moved, or introduced a new family member whether it be a dog, another cat, or a baby?

All of these things can cause temporary upset with your cat, so it’s good to take an inventory of what has taken place in the last few days to see if you can pinpoint why they’re having trouble going to the bathroom.

And even better all-natural fix for constipation is giving your cat the occasional treat of a food that is known to have a laxative effect. The reason castor oil does not qualify is because it causes too much of a reaction to fast. You want something that works just as naturally as everything else they eat.

Other Cures for Constipation
Keeping your cat on the same food schedule, and feeding them the same Food each day, will help their digestive system level off and be ready for mealtime. You have to also watch which sort of treats you give them, because this can throw things off. They have a rather sensitive system, and do not take well to changes in their lifestyle. They may also be responding to something that you can’t even comprehend, because their world is totally different than ours and something that affect them it totally be off our radar.

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