Can I Give My Cat Chocolate?

Can I give my baby chocolate?It’s pretty well-known that dogs can’t have chocolate, but what about cats? Cats by their very nature seem like that could almost appreciate the taste of a good piece of chocolate, and you can almost envision them licking their lips after having some, rather than an unsophisticated dog that would just wolf it down in one gulp.

But cats shouldn’t have chocolate at all, and will instinctively avoid eating it if left to their own devices. It’s only by tempting your cat into having some that they’ll cave in, so don’t do it. Many owners take lighthearted approach and will still give their cat a bit of chocolate here and there, saying there’s no harm in just a bit. But this really is like playing with fire, so you shouldn’t listen to their advice.

Cats are really simple to take care of almost 100% of the time. They only require a high-quality cat food, and a clean water dish in order to be happy. Sure, they may like to roam outside now and then if you have an active cat, and they might bring back a bird or a lizard to show that they still have their hunting instincts intact, but overall they just want to eat and drink the same things daily. It’s owners trying to broaden their cat’s palettes that introduces a lot of questionable feeding habits.

Can I Give My Cat Chocolate? Answer: No.

It’s the substance known as theobromine that’s in chocolate that makes it harmful for cats. It can lead to all sorts of problems, almost all of which deal with the heart. It can speed up the cat’s heart, cause an irregular rhythm and in some instances prove fatal. That’s why you don’t want to take the chance, and should just avoid the situation altogether by keeping chocolate away from your cat.

Why is It So Harmful?
The vast majority of humans can consume chocolate without experiencing these negative side effects, so what’s wrong with cats? Cats can’t clear out this element the way we can, and so it causes their bodies to react differently. Cats are carnivorous animals and therefore you wouldn’t see them eating chocolate in the wild. It wouldn’t even be available in the while, except for in cocoa bean form, and you don’t see wild cats trying to bite into these.

Other Foods Your Cat Should Avoid
The list of foods you shouldn’t give your cat is pretty long, which is why the best practice is just to stick to their ordinary cat food on a daily basis. As long as you get them the good stuff, and don’t give them whatever’s on sale, they’ll be getting all of the nutrients they need, and rarely will want a treat. Some examples of what not to give your cat are grapes and raisins, items containing caffeine, alcohol, milk and dairy products, tuna, and dog food.

Some of these things, like milk and tuna, go against what logically seems like something cats would enjoy. Who doesn’t have the image of a cat lapping up milk from a saucer, or eating a fish in a Warner Brothers cartoon? But these are definitely something you don’t want to give your cat, as it could cause health complications that aren’t immediately noticeable.

Safe Treats for Cats
Getting your cat a treat from the pet store, or something your vet recommends is a great alternative to giving them chocolate. Cats do have taste buds that can pick up sweets, so it’s not entirely lost on them. You can also get them some catnip, which basically produces the same euphoria we get from eating chocolate. There’s also specially formulated cat treats from the major pet food manufacturers that are safe to give your cat and even have extra vitamins and other good qualities to them, so you’re really doing them a favor instead of risking their health with chocolate.

As a caring cat owner it’s natural to want to give your cat the best experience you can, but giving them chocolate is something they’ll have to miss out on in this lifetime. Stick to a cat food high in protein and with the vitamins and minerals they need and you’ll be all set.

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