Can I Give My Cat Coconut Milk?

Can I give my cat coconut milkYou might have heard that cats don’t really need or process regular milk very well, but how about coconut milk?

For many people, cats are as important to them as their own children, relatives or friends. These furry felines make excellent pets as they provide plenty of love and comfort for those who are fond of their intimacy. However, many do not realize just how difficult it can be to manage these pets – especially if they are unaware of what a cat can and cannot eat. The end results can be quite tragic, leading to broken hearts and empty bowls if a person is not taught how to properly take care of his cat.

A common misconception most have is feeding a cat milk can be very healthy. While the milk from its mother may indeed offer proper nutrition for a kitten, this kind of milk cannot be easily replaced if the mother is not around to give it. Even worse is how some think that any kind of milk is good for a cat – coconut milk being one such alternative to normal milk and water.

Can I Give My Cat Coconut Milk? Answer: No

While it may seem hard to believe, even the normal milk which people drink everyday offers little to nothing when it comes to giving your little bundle of fur nutrition. Their bodies are not made to take in the nutrients like people can – which means while they might enjoy drinking milk, giving them water is considered the healthier option. Even water coming from the drain could help your pet far more than normal milk can.

Coconut milk on the other hand, is the absolute opposite of helpful and can even kill your cat depending on the amount given. Even a person would not feel too well after downing a glass of coconut milk.

Coconut Juice and How it Affects Cats
There are two kinds of liquid which can be taken from a coconut. The first is coconut juice, which is similar to water and is obtained by breaking a coconut. Coconut juice is not as dangerous to a cat as coconut milk is, but it cannot be considered healthy by any means. The juice that comes from a coconut is quite healthy to people, though it does nothing for a cat – water is once again the healthier choice.

The Hazards of Coconut Milk
The second kind of liquid that one can get from the coconut is its milk. This is obtained by removing the meat that lines the inside of a coconut, and straining it to remove the milky substance. This is often used in cooking, and isn’t normally drunk like the coconut’s juice. Coconut milk can be very difficult for a cat to digest, and feeding it this kind of milk will definitely have adverse effects.

The disturbing thing about this is that most cats enjoy this milky substance, which could encourage the pet owner to continue feeding it coconut milk. This is likely to kill your pet if you feed it coconut milk enough times – which means you must never feed it to your cat.

Water is Always Better
No matter what anyone says about how milk could be healthy for your cat, it still cannot trump the health benefits of water. A cat’s body is made to make the very best of what water has to offer, and is a very large source of its nutrition.

Unlike coconut milk, which is very damaging to a cat’s health, water helps a cat’s body digest among others. While coconut juice does have more benefits than water when a person drinks it, the same cannot be said about a cat. Its body will not be able to absorb the nutrients packed into coconut juice and it will only sate its thirst, nothing more.

The most important thing to note when it comes to owning a pet (especially a cat), is they do not eat or drink the same things that humans do. What could be healthy for us could be the exact opposite for a cat – garlic is one such example. It can kill a cat as easily as chocolate can kill a dog, but it is a healthy choice of food for people. Coconut milk does the same thing, and it cannot be given to your cat, even occasionally.

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