Can I Give My Cat Dramamine?

Can I give my cat Dramamine?Traveling with your cat may be a delightful moment for you, but it might be the opposite for your cat, and Dramamine might enter in as an option. Some pets are not used to traveling and that is why they experience dizziness or motion sickness when they ride in vehicles. Some people face the same thing when traveling, too, but find comfort in taking Dramamine.

It is a brand name of the drug Dimenhydrinate, which is used for the prevention and treatment of nausea, dizziness, vomiting, vertigo, and any other condition related to motion sickness. Being an effective drug for humans, is this also safe for our feline friends who travel?

There are times when it is unavoidable to bring our cats along on a trip. Our trip, however, becomes less enjoyable when they get dizzy and vomit on the car seat because of motion sickness. Instead of having a relaxing vacation, you might end up taking care of your cat because of their condition. The common cause of motion sickness in cats is when the vestibular apparatus within the inner ear is stimulated during car or plane movement. The cause can also be stress-related when your pet feels detached from their home. These may cause them to feel a strong imbalance, experiencing drooling, immobility, and other signs of motion sickness.

Animal experts suggest conditioning your pet by having short and frequent car trips. However, some cats cannot be conditioned. This is when medications become necessary to prevent motion sickness. Dramamine is a human over-the-counter drug that is commonly used in pets. It is an antihistamine that slightly calms your cat when traveling, and also reduces drooling. It is practically safe as long as it is used under your veterinarian’s recommendation.

Can I Give My Cat Dramamine? Answer: Yes

It is an accepted practice to give pets such as cats the antihistamine Dramamine to prevent and treat motion sickness. Its generic name, Dimenhydrinate, blocks the vestibular system from being stimulated, preventing the symptoms of motion sickness such as drooling, nausea, vomiting, urinating, and defecating. It is effective and works best when given at least 30 minutes before travel. Although it can be purchased without a prescription and considered safe for cats, it should not be used unless your vet recommends it. They will give you the right dosage for your cat or inform you whether or not this drug can be ingested by your cat based on the drug’s contraindications.

Using Dramamine in Cats – Some Side Effects and Warnings
Although considered safe for cats, Dramamine also has a few side effects. Sedation, dry mouth, or inability to fully empty their bladder are the most common side effects. Outcomes other than these must be reported to the vet immediately. Dramamine must not be given to cats allergic to antihistamines. It should also be avoided by cats with certain heart or lung diseases, seizures, or high blood pressure.

Treating and Preventing Motion Sickness in Cats
Make an effort to condition your cat by regularly having short trips to the park or to the store. Make it a fun and relaxing ride for your cat by giving them something to play with or by simply stroking their back. Also avoid letting your pet travel on a full stomach. Give a little food, if you must, before the trip, but avoid heavy meals. Ginger is also said to be an effective snack to treat nausea in cats. Whether in pill or in cookie form, it has been reported that it can calm a stomach in distress when given at least 30 minutes before traveling. Other natural pet calmers are also available to calm and soothe your cat in times of motion sickness.

Tips for Traveling With Cats
Traveling with your cat requires preparation ahead of time. Whether you are traveling by car or plane, planning for your trip with your cat will help you have a smooth one. Before traveling, check with your companions, plane, and travel destination if your cat can be accommodated. Also check with your vet if your cat has up-to-date vaccinations to receive a valid health certificate that may be required in certain trips.

Groom your cat — make sure they are bathed and nails have been properly trimmed. Bring your cat’s favorite food and toys to keep them busy during the trip. Make sure your cat is also properly identified with a tag or microchip.

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