Can I Give My Cat Drontal?

Can I give my cat Drontal?Drontal aims to get rid of worms in both cats and dogs.

Nearly half the human population is infected with worms at any given time. The prevalence among cats is luckily for them only about as high as 45 percent. The images conjured with the infection of worms are pretty grisly, but all of them are treatable.

Drontal is a wormer for cats containing ingredients that destroy every kind of intestinal worm that cats can get. Since some worms like the roundworm can be transferred to humans, it is in the interest of your feline friend and yourself to make sure that worms don’t stand a chance.

Can I give my cat Drontal? Answer: Yes.

It is in the interest of everyone in your household that the cat remains worm free. Drontal has dewormers specifically designed for cats and it can be given to them for the treatment of worms. Be sure to follow the indications mentioned on the package. Since the symptoms of worms can be difficult to recognize Drontal can be given on a regular basis to ensure that worms never get a chance to set up shop.

There is a choice between Drontal Cat Tablets and Drontal XL, these are to be administered in different combinations depending on the weight of the cat.

Causes of Worm Infection
Gastrointestinal worms are by their very nature sneaky little buggers. They live inside of us and our beloved pets and consume nutrients from us without us immediately noticing. Their penchant for sneakiness and survival makes it virtually impossible to protect your cat from ever getting worms.

Tapeworm from Fleas
Fleas can infect a cat with tapeworm. The adult tapeworm lays eggs that eventually end up in the feces of the cat, feces which is then eaten by flea larvae. Once the larva becomes an adult flea and gets eaten by an irritated cat, the eggs are deposited in their new unwitting host.

Tapeworm and Roundworm From Rodents, Birds and Slugs
Even domestic cats keep their hunting instinct. If they get the chance they will supplement their diet with the unfortunate local fauna that crosses their path. Worms often lay eggs in the livers and organs of a cat’s prey waiting for the fortuitous moment that they are eaten. The eggs then hatch inside the new feline home they needed.

Worm Infested Soil
The eggs of roundworms lie dormant in soil contaminated by animals feces and wait to be picked up in the fur or on the paws of an unsuspecting feline. The vain creatures that they are, cats will groom off the contaminated soil and thus swallow the eggs.

Hookworms are even more sneaky, as they do not even need to be swallowed. The larvae of this worm just force their way through the skin of its host.

Symptoms of Worm Infection
The symptoms of worm infection are not always immediately obvious, as they remain inside the cat and are not immediately visible. The worms may irritate a cat’s rear forcing them to spend more time grooming that area. In some cases the stomach may swell up and become distended. You may notice some odd worm shaped things in their fecal matter or around their sleeping area. The problem is that when the symptoms become evident, the parasite has usually already grown to adulthood and risks infecting more hosts.

Treatment of Worm Infection
Treating worms is difficult without pinpointing which worm is squatting in their new host. Drontal targets every type of worm that your clawed companion is likely to get, skipping over the difficult diagnosis. Using Drontal on a regular basis will prevent the worms from ever reaching maturity and limits the possibility of spreading it to other members of the household.

Drontal recommends to use a wormer at least every three months, but your veterinarian can tailor the cycle to best fit your pet’s needs. Control the sources of infections as well. Although it will be difficult to ensure your cat does not walk on soil or hunt birds, it is well within an owner’s power to ensure a cat is flea free.

Taking a page from the book of the sneaky strategies of worms, the most effective way to have your cat ingest the necessary Drontal tablets is by hiding them in their food.

Precautions and Side Effects
Side effects from Dronal at the recommended doses are extremely rare. If you perceive any difference in your cat’s health, contact a veterinarian immediately. It should not be given to cats that might have an allergic reaction to the ingredients.

Dewormers Are Worth It
Worms are difficult to discover and easy to treat. Drontal is a drug designed for cats and is generally safe at the recommended doses. Additionally, treating your cat with a dewormer like Drontal lowers the risk of others in the household contracting worms. The frequency of regular treatment should be designated by a veterinarian based on the specific medical needs of the cat.

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