Can I Give My Cat Dry Food?

Can I give my cat dry food?Cats do not have the same variety of choice as we do in the supermarket, but dry food is one of them. They have boxes and cans and it is up to us to decide whether they would like ‘rabbit and peas’ or ‘turkey and rice’.

What we chose as their food is usually a matter of convenience. Not many people spend a long time wondering whether their cat likes the taste of rabbit. They rather pick a box of food and a few cans because it can keep well and there are less decisions to be made when it comes to kitty’s dinner time.

A cat’s dinner usually consists of dry cubes, but they crunch away at them happily.

Can I give my cat Dry Food? Answer: Yes.

Dry food is specifically formulated to be a complete meal for a cat. It meets all your feline friend’s nutritional requirements. Domestic cats are still very similar to the wild animals they originated from, so there are certain experts that believe they should be fed a diet that closely resembles that which they would eat in the wild. As obligate carnivores their diet in the wild consists of raw meat, including the bones and the intestines.

Not necessarily something you would want lying around in your house. Dry food is much more convenient and generally has all the nutrition your cat needs. As it is hard and crunchy, it also helps to maintain their teeth plaque free.

Each Cat Food is Different
Not every dry food is the same. Each different brand has a different composition and quality. Even foods from the same brand have different qualities. There are foods for sterilized cats, indoor cats, active cats, senior cats and cats that often experience hairball problem. Each of these cats has different nutritional needs, so if you want to provide your cat with the best food do some research as to what would be best for them.

For example, cats that spend their days inside need less energy than those than spend all day chasing butterflies and exploring rooftops. It is important to do some research or ask you veterinarian what the best fit is for your specific cat. In general the ideal composition is high in animal proteins, not plant proteins, and carbohydrates should not make up more than ten percent of the total ingredients.

How Much Food Does My Cat Need?
As a first time cat owner it may be a challenge to decide how much food to give your cat each day. Unfortunately, there is no specific formula designating the amount of food each cat needs. Not every cat needs the same amount of food. A good guideline is that an active adult cat requires about 30 calories daily per pound.

It may be tempting to leave the dry food in the bowl and let the cat eat whenever it gets hungry. Letting the cat eat whenever it wants is actually one of the leading contributors of feline obesity. Portioning out the food prevents your cat from overeating and allows you to recognize quickly if there are any changes in appetite.

Dehydration and Constipation
One of the main disadvantages associated with feeding cats dry food is the fact that it is very low on moisture. If their diet is composed solely of dry food they may become dehydrated and this can result in constipation. Make sure there is plenty of water available if you are feeding your clawed companion dry food. It might even be a good idea to let the tap run a bit or purchase a pet fountain since cats enjoy drinking running water.

If the constipation has already set in and you find your cat straining in vain over their litter box, add some water, olive oil or flaxseed oil to their food. Sometimes increasing their fiber intake may help against constipation. Canned pumpkin is an excellent source of fiber that cats seem to find tasty enough to eat.

Dry Dood Diet and Water
Cats can live long and happy lives if fed only dry food. Ask your veterinarian to provide a recommendation on which type of food would suit them best. Dry food lacks moisture though, so ensure that the cat has plenty of water around should they get thirsty. Dehydration can lead to serious problems and is usually easily avoidable. It is best if you can spice up the feline diet with the occasional meal of wet food either from cans or prepared at home.

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