Can I Give My Cat Human Food?

Can I give my cat human food?If you’ve been thinking of giving your cat human food and were wondering if it was okay the short answer is that it probably is, as long as it is in small amounts.

There are of course exceptions to every rule and there are some human foods you should never give your cat, as well as foods that your cat will not want to eat. Here we will explore which human foods are okay for your cat, and which ones aren’t.

The list of foods you can’t give your cat is longer than the list of foods that you can, so it’s easier to memorize which foods you’re able to give your cat, and then assume everything else is deemed to be not so good for them. But you should also consider that your cat doesn’t need these supplemental foods, so sticking to cat food is best.

Can I Give My Cat Human Food? Answer: Not Necessary.

As long as your cat is being fed a proper diet of cat food, they shouldn’t need any extra food from your supply. There aren’t any human foods that a cat needs to eat everyday and they don’t derive the same benefits that we do from the same foods. So if you hear of the latest news on a new super food you don’t have to go rushing to feed it to your cat.

The main reason why cats shouldn’t have people food is because they’re physiology is different. They don’t digest the food the same way that we do and they have different needs when it comes to the food they eat. Cats are mostly carnivores in the wild and a lot of the food we eat is heavily processed. Basically, we wouldn’t want to eat cat food and most of the time cats don’t want to eat our food.

Foods That Are OK
Think like a carnivore if you want to get inside your cat’s head, and you’ll  be better able to figure out which foods are okay. Meat is 1 of the things that cats can have but even that is something  you should carefully consider because there is debate over whether the meat should be cooked or not. Raw diet  proponents say that you should only give your cat  raw meat while others say it better to give them cooked meat.

Vegetables typically get the nod but your cat doesn’t really need a ton of them in order to survive. While a diet based mostly on vegetables is good for humans, the same is not true for a cat. If your cat will eat a certain vegetables, you can feel pretty safe giving it to them. Also, if your cat enjoys cheese they can eat that as well.

Foods That Are Not OK
There are a ton of food that are not good for your cat to eat, and they should be avoided. As stated earlier, it is easier to just memorize the shorter list of foods that you can give your cat then it is to try to remember all the foods you shouldn’t give them. Here is just a sampling of the food that you shouldn’t give your cat: don’t give them alcohol, don’t give them milk, don’t give them avocados, and  just like dogs you mustn’t give them chocolate.

If In Doubt
If you are ever in doubt as to which human food you should give your cat just trying to picture them alone in the wild. What they have access to the food you’re about to give them? Would they be able to come by it using their own means? A lot of the food that we eat is derived from human engineering and ingenuity and cats would simply not have the ability to access them in the wild. This means that their bodies will not be able to process the food properly because it is not a natural food for them.

Why Cat Food Is Best
As long as you’re feeding your cat a high quality cat food, you don’t really have to worry about giving them any sort of human food. Cat food is specially formulated for felines and their bodies can easily break down the food and get the nourishment they need. It’s really all cats need to live a healthy and happy life, and they don’t really need to partake in any of the food that we enjoy.

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