Can I Give My Cat Ivermectin?

Can I give my cat Ivermectin?Some cat owners wonder if they can give their feline friend Ivermectin for worms, mites, and other infestations. This is generally not a good idea, unless you have been given specific instructions from your veterinarian.

The first factor that makes this a tricky decision is the dosage. If you don’t get the dose right, you could end up causing an allergic reaction in your cat. This is a especially true for cats that are very young.

The reason vets like to use it is because it treats such a broad variety of different problems for cats, like worms and mites that is like a one-stop cure all which is why it is used quite frequently.

Can I Give My Cat Ivermectin? Answer: Only as Directed by the Vet.

If you look for it, you’ll be able to find dosage instructions online but this is not a good idea because you can’t be sure it is the best treatment for your cat until you consult with a veterinarian. It could be that there is a safer alternative available and you want to be sure that you are treating the right kind of worm infestation.

Different Types of Worm Problems
Cats can come down with any number of types of worms, so it’s important that you find out what sort of worm problem your cat has. If they are heart worms the treatment is different than if they are intestinal worms. Your vet can run simple blood tests to find out what exactly your cat is suffering from, and can make the right call in regards to how to best treat them.

It Does Work
Ivermectin is effective at treating a broad range of worms and other parasites, which is why it is often prescribed. But to take matters into your own hands and use it on your cat based off of advice from other cat owners isn’t the way to go. If you really want to do what’s best for your cat you will only give them medication that is prescribed to them, with specific dosages for your cat.

The vet is taking into account your cat’s age, size, weight, breed, and previous medical history into account when they give the dosage. That’s why there are too many unknowns when giving your cat a drug of this nature, and why you can’t rely on help from those that are not schooled and trained as a veterinarian.

Your Cat’s Food
The food you give your cat can have a direct impact on their likelihood of catching a case of worms, and also on how well they’ll be able to get rid of them when they are undergoing treatment. You want to make sure that your cat is getting all of the nourishment they need from their daily feedings. If you are going with a cat food that has a vegetable or grain food listed as the first ingredient, then they are not getting what they truly need.

A cat’s digestive system is set up to handle meat, and they still respond the best when they are given food that has an animal protein listed as the first ingredient. You will notice that your cat is friskier, and just seems to be doing better overall. Food is the number one factor in your cat’s health.

Worms – How to Avoid Them
It’s hard to watch what your cat eats, and where they go 24 hours a day, especially if you have an indoor/outdoor cat. There are too many ways for them to contract a case of worms. Rather than trying to avoid them it’s better to simply stay on a maintenance program so your cat never gets them. Heart worms can seriously lessen your cat’s life expectancy, so you have to take precautions so they don’t get them ever.

Consulting with the vet is the best way to get the right answers for your cat, and it will ensure that they are kept healthy for several years to come. They will not only accurately diagnose your cat, but they will suggest exactly what the treatment steps are, Ivermectin, or not, so that you have peace of mind right from the start.

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