Can I Give My Cat Loperamide?

Can I give my cat a loperamide?When you notice that your cat has a case of diarrhea you might think of giving them one of the several brands of loperamide. But this is typically not the best way to go, and we’ll explain why below.

The first thing you should do is go into observation mode. Keep a journal of the number of times you notice that they have loose stools. If this keeps up all day and into the next you should call your vet and explain what’s going on. You should also try to think of anything that has changed in their diet or lifestyle in the previous 24 hours.

What you’ll usually find is that you can single out the cause of the case of diarrhea. If you can’t, it could be something they ate, either something they found in the home or something they found outside of the home if they’re and indoor and outdoor cat. It could also be that they simply caught a virus, and this will pass once their immune system kicks in.

Can I Give My Cat Loperamide? Answer: Not Recommended

If your cat has a case of diarrhea, your natural instinct is to give them something to make it stop, like a product containing loperamide. But you have to realize that a cat’s digestive system is different from ours, and if you’re just now noticing that they have a problem, you’re seeing the tail end of that problem – no pun intended. What we mean is that the problem is already working itself out. If you just leave them be they’ll likely return to their natural regularity.

By the time you send loperamide into their system to plug them up, you’re over-correcting. If the diarrhea was caused by something they ate, their system has now fixed things, that’s what the diarrhea is for, to fix the situation. If you give them something to fix the solution, you’re doing too much. Now, if they’re having diarrhea because they have a stomach bug, or because it’s part of a bigger problem, all you’re doing is masking over a symptom that would be alerting you that they need to be seen by the vet. Either way, you’re not really helping matters.

All Natural Remedies
There are all natural remedies you can use to help a cat through a bout of diarrhea, without resorting to medicine. These are geared more at comforting them, or feeding them foods that will sooth their digestive tract, rather than chemicals that will work to make them stop pooping. What you are wanting to do is bring them back to their natural state, where they have easy to pass bowel movements, the way they normally do.

One thing you can do is to make sure that their litter box stays clear through the ordeal. If they’re having to go frequently they might not want to go in a box that is still a mess from last time. Then they might not even go in the litter box and you’ve got a bigger mess on your hands. You can also try feeding them a combination of well-cooked rice and boiled chicken. Sometimes it’s also good to just remove food from the equation altogether and let their digestive system take a break for awhile.

Water Is Crucial
Your cat does stand a risk of dehydrating themselves quickly, so be sure that their water dish is always full so they can have a drink whenever they get the notion. This means that they will probably be using the litter box even more, so be sure that all clumps are removed several times throughout the day.

Our Recommendation
It’s generally not a good idea to give your cat drugs that are meant for humans, and this includes loperamide. Cats are very natural creatures, and are very in tune with nature, so you want to use natural methods as much as you can. Some vets will prescribe some cats with a medication from time to time, but that doesn’t make it the default way to treat a situation. By following the tips above you should be able to help your cat through this situation and be back to normal in no time at all.

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