Can I Give My Cat Milk Thistle?

Can I give my cat milk thistle?If your cat has liver disease and you are looking for ways to help them you might have come across milk thistle, either by a recommendation from your vet, or from your own detective work. This is touted as a way for you to help protect and detoxify your cat’s liver, but does it actually work?

Milk thistle is all natural, but that doesn’t mean that you can just start giving it to your cat without following the proper dosing instructions. Too much can still present a problem for your cat, although when it is given in the right amounts there haven’t been any reported side effects. You should buy milk thistle that is specially made for cats and dogs, and follow the instructions carefully. Extra milk thistle will not help your cat heal any faster than giving them the right dose will.

You don’t have to wait for a vet to tell you that they need it, and you can also use this as a preventive measure if you notice that your cat is having the symptoms of liver disease. You don’t need to give it to them as a daily supplement, and should only use it when you need to.

Can I Give My Cat Milk Thistle? Answer: As Needed

Milk thistle is an all natural way to provide support to your cat’s liver. Since the liver is such a vital organ it’s crucial that you get things back to the way they were before your cat started having problems. Most of the time your cat’s liver will be functioning just fine, and they’ll have all of the nutrients they need for proper digestion. This is especially true if you are feeding them a high quality cat food. It’s the low grade cat food that leads to digestive problems, including liver disease. This is because it’s full of fillers and devoid of the nutrition your cat needs.

That’s why it’s best to pay a little more on the front end and get your cat a premium, well-reviewed cat food. The cost will justify itself later when you are spared the expense of unnecessary trips to the vet. Since your cat only needs cat food, water, and a litter box it makes your job as the owner pretty easy, and you can spend a little bit more on their food, even in a tough economy. Just remember later when they are healthy their whole lives that the reason is you gave them good food to nurture them.

Liver Disease
This is one of the more debilitating conditions that your cat can have, and it’s not the easiest thing in the world for your vet to treat. The earlier you catch it the better because the liver has the ability to heal itself and repair any damage done. Common signs and symptoms that your cat may be suffering from liver disease are vomiting or diarrhea, not wanting to eat their normal cat food, drinking more water than they normally do, and urinating more than they normally do. But don’t be too hasty, as these signs can also be for other conditions, so it’s best not too jump the gun.

When There’s No Other Options
Your vet will let you know when they’ve run out of medicines that could potentially help your cat. At this time they might recommend giving them milk thistle, but you don’t have to wait until that time comes. You can start giving it to them at the first signs and symptoms of the disease, as a way to try to protect the liver from any further damage.

See Your Vet First
It’s always a good idea to see your vet to make sure that you’ve accurately diagnosed your cat. The last thing you want to do is start treating them for a condition they don’t even have. Your vet will listen to your concerns and help troubleshoot what could be wrong with your cat. They will also recommend the best course of action. This doesn’t mean that you will always have to listen to them, but at least you will have their professional opinion, and it gives you a starting point on what to do next.

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