Can I Give My Cat Mineral Oil

Can I give my cat mineral oil?Living as a responsible adult can be beneficial. We get to have our home the way we like it, we control how hot or cold it is, ad we control who stays in it. But, we also get to work practically everyday in order to keep that luxury.

Many of us like to have company especially those of us who live alone, and often we get a furry friend like a dog or cat to keep us company when we are at home alone. Sometimes, we do it for our own selfish reasons and we forget animals can be just as hard to take care of as a child. They need to be cleaned, loved, and can get sick.

When your furry friend climbs in your lap it can melt your heart but, when they get sick it does the complete opposite. You may also feel helpless when they get sick and you may try anything to get them feeling better. Be sure to remember not to give your pet anything that may cause harm, phone your veterinarian or make a phone call to your local emergency veterinarian.

Can I Give My Cat Mineral Oil? Answer: As Needed.

Mineral oil can be given to cats as a laxative for constipation. When a cat becomes constipated it can be quite painful, it can also be used as a lubricant for feces that is located on the colon. Mineral oil can make it less painful for a cat to use the bathroom with very little or no pain.

There are two ways mineral oil can be given which is by mouth or lubricating the enema is another. Cats may not easily take the mineral oil by mouth since it is unflavored. So it may be best to to try to lubricate the enema.

The Downside
Just like if people take to many laxatives, mineral oil can cause the bowel process to get lazy and the digestive tract will always rely on having the mineral oil. This could be bad for the cat’s heath and if you do choose to use mineral oil to help your cat “go” then be sure to watch how much is given and consult a veterinarian to know the exact amount and how long to use it.

Alternatives To Mineral Oil
Many cat owners have found that canned pumpkin helps there cat use the bathroom with no side effects. Unless you give our cat to much, all they really need is a teaspoon. If that doesn’t work then another teaspoon can be given.

Something else pet owners find to help is probiotics, since probiotics are a good bacteria that is already found in the body of people, animals, and plants. Extra probiotics can also help reduce the chance of your cat becoming constipated.

The health of your pet is important. If you are truly worried about your cat then you can start them on mineral oil and when it has gotten better start them on probiotics to keep the bowels as regular as possible.

Probiotics vs Mineral Oil
Mineral Oil can help your cat with the constipation. But, excessive use can cause problems with digestion later on. Mineral oil can give your cat quick results so it can be a great way to quickly release your cat’s bowels.

Probiotics have no known side effects but it can take a little while to work. The best thing to do is start the mineral oil and start the probiotics so the cat does not become constipated as easily. Also seek the advise of a veterinarian since they know your cat and will know what is best.

Cats and Mineral Oil
Cats can be given mineral oil to help pass bowels without a lot of pain. It may be safer to apply the mineral oil by lubricating the enema, to avoid the mineral oil causing the digestive system to become lazy. It may also avoid your cat getting any mineral oil in his lungs which can be dangerous.

The best thing to do for your cat when he is sick is to take him to the veterinarian. Only they can tell you (after examining the cat) what is exactly wrong with the cat and what they recommended as a professional.

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