Can I Give My Cat the Norovirus?

Can I give my cat the norovirus?If you’ve caught the norovirus bug you are probably wondering if you need to quarantine your cat, and if it’s possible to pass it along to them.

If you’ve managed to come down with the norovirus you’re probably feeling horrible right now and you want to make sure your cat doesn’t have to go through the same ordeal. But you can rest at ease and not worry about them getting it. The nice thing about pet ownership is that most of the time the two species do not have to worry about catching each other’s viruses and colds.

The norovirus, also referred to as the winter vomit bug, can come on quick and seemingly out of nowhere. The next thing you know you’ve got it coming out of both ends and you wonder when it’s going to stop. Since this would entail a pretty big cleanup project if your cat gets it, it’s easy to see why you’d want to make sure.

Can I Give My Cat the Norovirus? Answer: Highly Unlikely

Generally feline viruses and human viruses do not transfer between each other, but more and more research is showing that it could be possible, but it remains highly unlikely, and they wouldn’t get the exact symptoms. If you notice that your cat is throwing up or having a case of diarrhea at the same time you are, it’s probably not the norovirus, but it doesn’t hurt to call the vet just to find out what is wrong with them. If it is an isolated case there is no need to escalate things any further.

Keeping Your Distance
If you think that you need to quarantine your cat while you’re dealing with the norovirus, you don’t have to. The chances are high that they’re immune to it, and you don’t have to keep them away from you if you want them close. If you have any sort of allergy towards your cat, you may want to keep your distance until this passes, as a fit of sneezing can trigger an episode of diarrhea and upset the system

Using Your Cat for Comfort
It’s natural to want to be around your cat when you’re not feeling well, and studies show that the better you can make yourself feel even when you’re not feeling your best, the better the recovery time. Feeling your cat purr is therapeutic, and it can actually benefit you and shorten the time it takes to get over this bug.

Keeping Your Cat Healthy
It’s a good idea to try to keep your cat as healthy as possible at all times. This way you can be sure that their immune system is functioning at full capacity, so they are able to withstand all sorts of viruses and bacteria that occur in their environment. The best way to do this is to make sure that you are giving your cat a high quality cat food. This will make sure that they’re getting vitamins and nutrients that are easy for them to break down, and use in their bodies.

Another big aspect of a cat’s health is the state of the litter box. Be sure to keep it as clean as you can, and consider getting an automatic litter box cleaner if you feel like you can’t keep up with the task. This is also a way to create a healthier home for you. When a cat has clean litter they will be tracking list of their own mess throughout the house.

If You Notice Symptoms
If you’ve noticed that your cat is having symptoms that are similar to the ones that you have, you might want to give your veterinarian a call. It could be that your cat has a similar problem, but that is unrelated to what you are experiencing. It could just be a strange coincidence, a matter of bad timing. The vet will be able to quickly let you know whether your cat needs additional attention, with just a phone call. Many times will be talking to the veterinarian’s assistant so you don’t have to worry that you’re bothering the vet for no reason.

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