Can I Give My Cat Oil of Oregano?

Can I give my cat oil of oregano?Oil of Oregano is used by some people to treat internal conditions, help with the digestive system, or topically to help heal skin problems.

Giving it to your cat is another matter altogether, and it’s not recommended as a solution because it is often not the best option that you could choose. Evidence is sketchy at best that it even does what proponents claim it can do. There’s no reason to suspect that it would be any sort of miraculous healer for your cat, and it could actually end up making their condition worse due to the possible side effects.

The important thing to remember is that if your cat does have a condition that you thing oil of oregano can help with, there is going to be a more tried and tested solution to the same problem. It’s good to give your cat the best care you can, and in many instances this does not involve oil of oregano.

Can I Give My Cat Oil of Oregano? Answer: Not Recommended

This is a very potent product even though it is all natural. There are plenty of benefits touted on various websites, but as of yet few studies have been shown to prove that it actually does what it is claimed to do. This refers to use in humans, who have been tinkering with it for several years. Even less research has been done on what it does to cats, so it’s a risky endeavor and one that has few proven results.

Better Treatment Options Exist
No matter what is ailing your cat you and your vet and sit down and have a talk about what their symptoms are, what other medications they’re on, and what the possible treatment options are. It doesn’t matter what their problem is, there is likely a solution that the vet can instruct you on. It’s good to go into observation mode when you see that your cat is suffering in any way. See how many symptoms you can spot so that you can relay that information to your vet.

The veterinarian only sees a snapshot of your cat’s behavior and uses that information to make a determination on what is wrong. The more frames you can fill in to your cat’s movie, the better, and the diagnosis will be more accurate, and hence the treatment will be more effective and your cat will be back to normal more quickly. You can also have more assurance that your cat won’t suffer from side effects, and if they do the doctor will have informed you of them beforehand so you are ready in case they do pop up.

Keeping a Good Diet for Your Cat
If you cat is struggling with a condition the best thing you can do for them is to make sure that they are getting a high quality cat food. If you’ve been giving them food that has a vegetable or a grain listed as the first ingredient they are probably having more health problems than if you would pay a little bit more and give them a scientifically formulated cat food that they can better digest, and that will provide more of the nutrients they need.

Nature’s Antibiotic
They say that oil of oregano is nature’s antibiotic, and if you are worried that your cat has an infection you should have your vet treat it with antibiotics that have been proven effective time and time again. There are side effects to oil of oregano, and many cat owners believe that as long as they stick to all natural remedies they don’t have to worry about any side effects associated with it. It could cause your cat to have an iron deficiency, a big problem for many cats. They might also have an allergic reaction to it.

Not Natural for Cats
Even though this is from a natural source, cats wouldn’t be seeking out and ingesting oil of oregano if they were left on their own. Lions and tigers get along just fine without taking oil of oregano, and they share a lot of physiology with domesticated house cats.

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