Can I Give My Cat Olive Oil?

Can I give my cat olive oil?Just like people animals get sick occasionally, and you might be contemplating olive oil for constipation. They can get a upset stomach, diarrhea, and they can even get health problems like diabetes and high cholesterol. A pet depends upon the owner to take care of them and to only give them the best.

If a pet does become sick it is important to help them feel better right away. Even something as little as constipation could cause your pet to get extremely ill and they could die. If an animal is constipated they may refuse to eat or drink and could die of thirst and hunger.

It is important to call and ask a veterinarian, even if you think it is a silly question, it could save your furry friends life. So do not wait, you will be happy when the pet feels better and is back to his normal self. Sometimes your pet will need medications and a veterinarian’s help to feel better.

Can I Give My Cat Olive Oil? Answer: Just the Right Amount

When a cat has constipation, olive oil can be given to him to help him relieve him self with little or no strain. To much olive oil however can cause your cat to have diarrhea, so watch how much you are giving.

Before you give your cat any kind of over the counter medicines be sure to ask an expert, you wouldn’t want to harm your cat accidentally. There are some things that could be fetal to your cats health especially if you do not give the right dosage, which will depend on the weight and size of the cat.

Is My Cat Constipated?
A responsible pet owner will scoop litter boxes on a daily basis, if you notice a lack of feces, or if the stool is hard and/or dry. If you have more than one cat it may be harder to tell which one if any is having bowel issues. Another way you may be able to tell if a cat is constipated is if the cat is crying and straining in the litter box. If a cat is bloated, or has sensitive stomach then your cat is most likely constipated.

If this is the first time your cat is showing signs of constipation, it may be best to visit the veterinarian before you give anything to him. Your veterinarian may have advise on what can be done and make sure there isn’t to much of intestinal problem. It may just be the cat’s food.

Olive Oil and Cat Constipation
Olive oil can be used as a natural remedy for a cat’s constipation. For a cat with constipation he can be given no more than 2 tablespoons of olive oil daily in his regular cat food. Be sure not to give to much olive oil since it could cause a vitamin A deficiency, so do not give olive oil to your cat for more than a week.

Once the constipation seems to be under control olive oil can be mixed in the cat food once a week to prevent them from getting constipated again.

Dangers of Constipation
Constipation can lead to mega-colon, which is where the colon enlarges and is no longer able to contract as it needs to. The build up of toxins in your cat’s body can cause a fecal impaction and could be deadly to the cat.

A veterinarian can tell what is wrong with a cat and what to do for them before there is any serious problems. The life of a cat depends on his owner when they have a health issue like constipation. So get help right away.

An Owner’s Responsibility
Olive oil can be given to your cat for constipation. When starting a new food, or medicine watch your cat closely for any reactions. Even for a natural remedy like olive oil. As a pet owner it is your responsibility to care for your pet and take full responsibility for him.

Before taking on an animal be sure you can afford them. That goes for the proper foods, veterinary care, and any medical issues they may have. If they need the care it could be expensive, pets are a lot like kids. They get hurt, and they get sick they get sad and they get depressed. They to need love and attention. The only difference is animals can be home for short periods of time, while smaller kids will need a sitter even if it is just for an hour.

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