Can I Give My Cat Pepcid AC?

Can I give my cat Pepcid AC?If you think your cat is suffering from heartburn, you might think that a tablet of Pepcid AC will help them. It works for millions of Americans, but can it also work its magic on cats?

The idea of giving your cat some of your own medication is an easy one to come upon, especially if you have some on-hand and it works for you every time. However, the reason you’re looking this up to see if it’s OK or not is telling you that you know better than to just give them powerful medication without checking to see if it’s alright. Your inner self knows that it’s not a good idea to give cats human medication, even if it is an OTC drug.

Pepcid was originally by prescription only before being approved for sale without one. Now you can get it from any drugstore or the medication section of a supermarket. So you might even be considering going out to buy a packet for your cat and their heartburn condition. But before you go out of your way to get some Pepcid AC or Pepcid Complete, take a step back and really consider if this is in the best interest of your cat.

Can I Give My Cat Pepcid AC? Answer: Not Recommended

Pepcid AC is a pretty strong medication created for humans, and is therefore not recommended for cats. Your vet will be able to give them a specially formulated drug that is for cats and will not effect them the same way that a human drug will. If this is a once in a while problem, you can keep some of that medicine they give you on hand for future flare ups. However, if this is a chronic problem your vet can help you determine what’s causing it so that you can get to the root of things and make it go away permanently.

It’s good to want to help your cat, and provide relief as soon as you can, but you don’t want to create long-term suffering or prolong their pain by giving them something their body can’t handle.

Diagnosing This Ailment in Cats
Properly diagnosing that your cat has heartburn is tricky business. First, cats don’t like to show they’re suffering, and will prevent it at all costs. They may not seem like they want to eat any more, or you may not notice there’s anything wrong until they start losing weight and you can’t explain why. Or if they’re really in pain, they’ll voice it and you’ll know something is wrong because it won’t sound like their typical meow.

Cats and Heartburn
In the wild, cats wouldn’t get heartburn, because they would only eat as much as they could and would not overeat. Perhaps you should check their brand of cat food, or reconsider how much or how often you are feeding your cat. Overeating is the biggest cause of heartburn and acid reflux, and your cat doesn’t need to have willpower like humans do, they are at the mercy of how much food you give them, and how many times per day you give it to them.

Cats and Antacids
Cats are carnivores, and their stomachs produce a different type of acid than a human stomach does. They need to be able to break down large amounts of protein. So when you start introducing human antacids to their digestive system, you are really disrupting their natural state. This will only exacerbate the problem, and cause additional problems like constipation or upset stomach. It can also make them break down their food differently, and can create problems that last for days.

So don’t start giving your cat drugs around your home, especially without consulting your vet. Some drugs are OK in small doses, but you should not guess at the dosage, or take the approach of trial and error. Always consult your vet in regards to administering medicine, and don’t take the advice from other sites out there with other cat owners saying it’s OK. How one person treats their cat should not have a bearing about how you treat your cat.

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