Can I Give My Cat Pepto Bismol?

Can I give my cat Pepto Bismol?Reaching for that familiar pink bottle of Pepto Bismol might seem like the right thing for an ailing cat, but is it safe?

Cats are subject to the same kind of digestive disorders as we are, but are often unable to let you know what’s hurting them.

This means that you sort of have to guess at what’s wrong, and apply the sort of care that will help them best in their time of need.

Can I Give My Cat Pepto Bismol? Answer: As Directed by a Vet

The reason you want to consult a vet on this one is because it can be tricky to diagnose a cat as having an upset stomach. If they are having diarrhea it’s often to late to give them something like Pepto Bismol, because likely they have solved the problem via the diarrhea, and any extra care will just be too much.

Giving your cat meds they don’t need is not a good idea, and is one of the biggest culprits in emergency cat care. That’s why its crucial that you are properly diagnosing your cat with the right ailments and following the proper procedure for such a situation.

Vet Consult
By quickly discussing your cat’s symptoms with the vet they can get a better idea of what is the problem, and potentially ask you some troubleshooting questions to find the cause of their discomfort.

Maybe your cat was outside and ate something that is causing the upset. Perhaps it is responding to a change in cat food, or maybe it caught a cold. All of these would require different courses of action, so you don’t want to apply Pepto Bismol as if it is a cure-all for anything that is causing your cat trouble.

Cats and Eating
Most cats are good at only eating enough to keep themselves energized. Other cats act like people at a buffet and will keep eating as long as there is food in their dish. If you keep replenishing their food dish, they will keep returning to it for more until you stop. Other cats will peck at their food and leave most of it for later.

If your cat is of the type that seems to have that insatiable appetite, you’ll probably notice that they have more tummy trouble than the other types of eaters. This is because they probably roam the house looking for anything that is edible, and end up eating dust balls, hair balls, Legos, pennies, and anything else they can find, like a little vacuum cleaner.

Tips for Stomach Trouble
The best thing you can do for your cat if it looks like it’s having stomach trouble, is to speak softly and lovingly to it, while you gently stroke its back. This is the way that you show them that they are not alone in this, and that they are in good hands if the situation escalates.

Even though it’s not pretty, vomiting and diarrhea are nature’s way of bringing things back to order. It’s not fun to clean up, but it’s the safest way to let things run their course. Be there for your cat unless they are specifically avoiding you. Don’t pick them up or try to move them, as this may accelerate the process and you might get a direct hit.

In times like these it’s easy to panic as a caring owner. However, nature has its way of moving things along and 9 times out of 10 your cat will be fine without you intervening with things like Pepto Bismol. In fact, you’re already late to the scene if you’re noticing symptoms that means your pet is already in the middle of the problem and by time any orally ingested medicine will hit the scene, it will have already passed naturally.

What’s worse, you might actually credit the Pepto Bismol as being effective, even though it didn’t do anything at all. Your cat would have been fine had you not done anything, but now you think Pepto is the way to go for next time.

Your cat is equipped to take care of itself almost all of the time during its life. It can handle an upset stomach without your help, so be humble and happy that your cat doesn’t need you as much as you’d like them to.

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