Can I Give My Cat Pink Eye?

Can I give my cat pink eye?Pink eye, (also known as conjunctivitis) is a highly contagious virus. It can easily be spread through person to person if the infected person is not washing their hands thoroughly after touching their effected eye. Pink eye is not painful but can be very itchy and irritating.

People are not the only ones that can get pink eye, but certain pets as well. There are some precautions that you can take to make sure it does not spread around your home. Be sure to keep hands away from the infected eye and if you do touch it, wash hands thoroughly. Also be sure to sanitize your home often and if your child has it be sure they keep their hands clean as well.

If your cat is infected be sure not to touch the infected area unless you are prepared to wash your hands immediately afterwards, since cats can give people pink eye.

Can I Give My Cat Pink Eye? Answer: Unlikely

A cat can catch pink eye through a contaminated person if you are not careful. However there are ways that you can help your cat stay pink eye free when it is spreading in your home. In a way, cats are like children, they do not know when they should stay away, what not to get into, and if they do become infected they do not know how to make it better. Like a child your cat will look to you to fix the problem.

Pink eye is not usually a dangerous virus. However if the virus is left untreated it could cause damage to the cat’s eyes and could lead to blindness. This is not a common symptom of pink eye.

How To Avoid Infecting Your Cat
There are several ways you can prevent infecting your cat with pink eye. If you or someone you live with has it they should not touch the cat. Unless the hands of the infected person has been cleaned thoroughly. Do not touch the cat in the face, and keep the out of your face.

Pets do like to sleep with their owners, and it can be hard trying to keep them out or your bedroom. But, it can be okay for you cat to sleep with you as long as you keep the cat off the pillow you have been laying on and keep them at the foot of the bed.

What Causes The Infection
Although cats can catch pink eye through people, people can also catch pink eye from cats. If your cat gets it don’t blame yourself, it may not be your fault they may have even scratched their eye causing damage and pink eye. The infection could be from certain bacterias such as viral and bacterial infections.

Pink eye could also be caused by allergies, and certain irritants such as smoke and dust. So, if you smoke in your home try going outside for and see if there is an improvement. Other common causes is objects getting into the eye like grass and eyelashes. If you are concerned about your pet visit the veterinarian and see if it needs any medication.

Symptoms Of Pink Eye In Your Cat
If you or a loved one has pink eye keep a close eye on your cat and watch for a few symptoms or signs that may show whether or not your cat is infected. Check your cat’s eyes for a red swollen conjunctiva, and clear, water or thick discharge which may contain mucus or pus. Watch your cat and see if they are pawing or scratching at the eye, blinking or squinting more than usual, and if they are sneezing or have and discharge of the nasal.

It is important to be sure your cat does not become infected and if they do it is important to see a vet for a diagnosis and medication.

How To Treat Your Cat’s Pink Eye
Treatment will depend on how severe your cat’s case is. If the cat caught pink eye through you or a family member than its probably a mild case and should only need some flushing and a saline solution. Purulent conjunctivitis will require some eye irritants, and warm soaks in order to loosen crusted eyelids.

For bacteria in the eye the cat will need antibiotics, eye ointment, or antiviral eye medication. If your cat has pink eye because of an allergy they will need a anti inflammatory to help with the problem. In the best case scenario your cat has an object such as an eyelash in the eye and it will need to be flushed out for removal and should be fine.

Pink Eye And Your Cat
You can give your cat pink eye, so you should be careful when interacting with your pet if you are infected. If a friend or relative comes to your home with pink eye be sure to keep the cat away and sterilize (just like you would for a baby or child) door knobs, spray disinfectant around, and be sure to keep your hands clean to be sure you and your family do not catch the infection as well.

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