Can I Give My Cat a Pregnancy Test?

If you’re wondering if your cat is pregnant or not you might have stopped to wonder if a human pregnancy test will work for them? That would give you a heads up to know whether you can expect kittens in the near future or not.

The hormones between felines and humans aren’t compatible for a pregnancy test. You won’t get accurate results from it. The best way to get the answer you’re seeking is by taking your cat to the vet and having them make the determination. It would be handy if there were an at-home test that could confirm your suspicions or tell you reliably that they’re not pregnant. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t exist. Not even your vet has one.

Perhaps some day in the future they’ll figure out how to test cats for pregnancy, but right now there just isn’t enough profit motive apparently or someone would have figured it out by now. There are some specific signs you can look for that will make it easier to rule it out. But cats are very private and wil try their best not to do anything out of the ordinary to tip you off. But there are some physiological reactions that they simply can’t hide.

Can I Give My Cat a Pregnancy Test? Answer: No.

Your vet is the only one that can give you an accurate answer on this, as they’ll be able not only to verify the symptoms that you have noticed, and also have several methods available to check in on the kittens if they indeed are pregnant. They won’t be using a blood test or a urine pregnancy test the way humans do to find out if they’re pregnant, they’ll be looking for additional signs that your cat is pregnant, and that the kittens are healthy if your cat is pregnant.

Signs of Pregnancy in Cats
The most obvious signs that your cat is pregnant is when her nipples turn pink. This is in preparation for the nursing she’ll be doing soon, and is a telltale sign that your cat won’t be able to hide from you. The other symptoms are more subtle, and are basically behavior cues that your cat may display, such as sleeping more than they usually do, or becoming more quiet than they usually are.

If you’re a keen observer of your cats then you will be tipped off that something is up. If you work a lot and only see your cats occasionally, a pregnancy might sneak up on you and you might not know anything is different until she starts popping out the kittens. Sounds crazy but it has actually happened for some owners.

Spaying Your Pet Cat
It’s a good idea to have your cat spayed if it turns out that they are not in fact pregnant. There are simply too many kittens and cats, and there aren’t enough homes for all of them. You may think that it’s an exciting time to have your cat pregnant and have babies, but at the same time there just isn’t a place for all of them to go, since the average cat produces 6 or more kittens per litter, that’s a lot of homes needed to house all of those future cats. That’s a lot of food and a lot of kitty litter that will need to be bought.

Caring for a Pregnant Cat
If it turns out that your cat is indeed pregnant then you’ll want to turn your attention to properly caring for her until she has her babies. Luckily you don’t have to do too much differently than you already do, until the big day, which is when you’ll want to set aside a special place just for her so that she can be comfortable and not be stressed out. You don’t need to be there to catch the kittens as they come out, as it’s a very natural process for a cat to have kittens, and they take it in stride. It’s very different from the birth of human babies. No epidural is needed.

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