Can I Give My Cat Salmon?

Can I give my cat salmon?Salmon is a species of fish that is born in fresh waters, migrates to the ocean, and comes back to the fresh waters to reproduce. Salmon often comes from Alaska, Eastern Canada, the Pacific Northwest, as well as Greenland and Norway.

Salmon is rich in Omega-3, which has many health benefits like reducing depression and stress. Omega-3 helps prevent obesity and increases the response towards insulin. Another benefit in Omega-3 is it can be helpful in protecting against childhood asthma.

There are a few hazards to keep in mind for example many people are allergic to salmon. If you are allergic to salmon you may notice a rash on the skin, itching, hives, and there may be swelling of the tongue, lips, and throat. If you notice any of these signs seek medical help.

Can I Give My Cat Salmon? Answer: Yes.

Salmon is not only good for people, it is good for cats as well. The essential fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6 are great for cats as well as people. They can help protect against diseases, like ones that attack the heart.

Salmon can help your cat stay healthy by promoting healthy skin and joints which will help your cat stay in shape as well. Unlike saturated fats, the fats found in salmon, polyunsaturated fats, will not clog arteries or cause other problems associated with saturated fats. The protein and Omega-3 can help with brain development and health.

How Often Can I Give My Cat Salmon?
It is important to not give only salmon to your cat. It is important to give your cat a balanced diet. A strict salmon diet can be fattening to your cat and will make them gain weight. It is also important to get the salmon with little or no sodium.

Salmon should be given as a treat like once a week rather than everyday. Salmon can also be found in cat food, wet and dry, and in cat treats as well.

Mixed Opinions
As you search the Internet for salmon and cats you will see very many contradicting answers. Some sites say it is best to stay away from fish and some say fish, especially salmon is good for a cat. A cat in the wild will often hunt meat, many different types as long as they can catch and kill it. So what is the main concern with fish? It is said that fish contain bone, which most if not all do, and those bones can contain too much magnesium and calcium. Too much of both could be harmful to cats.

If you are truly concerned about whether or not your cat can have the fish, talk to your veterinarian, or if it truly scares you it may be best to avoid it and purchase cat treats instead.

Salmon Treats
There are treats available for cats that contain salmon and a lot of its vitamins and healthy fats. These treats can be found in most pet and grocery stores under the brand name of Whiskas. The treats provide many of the same benefits as fresh or canned salmon and also provides your cat with a different type of texture which is good for their teeth. The salmon treats can also help with providing your cat with a shiny coat. The treats are safe for your cat and should not cause any harm.

Salmon and Cats
Cats can have salmon. Just keep in mind how much is being given. If you are using canned varieties be sure to watch for any recalls since they do happen a lot. Salmonella can make a person sick, but it could kill a cat pretty quickly. That is why we should be very careful when it comes to canned salmon. Overall, it can be beneficial and can be given fresh, canned, or in a snack form.

Since there is so much mixed information online it may be a good idea to seek advice from your cat’s veterinarian. After all you chose the vet because you trust their opinion, so you should trust what have to say as well. A veterinarian’s opinion may be better than those online. You could also choose to give your cat treats as well, since those are proven to be healthy with little or no side effects.

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