Can I Give My Cat Sorbet?

Can I give my cat sorbet?The answer to this question depends on why you want to feed your cat sorbet. The health of the cat is the most important factor, as well as its hygiene. Cats mainly feed on meat, however, it all depends on what you give to the cat, and whether they will handle it well.

If they ingest something unfriendly to their stomach, it will certainly come back as vomit, which is not a good thing. However many people do ask questions on what they should and should not give to their pets. Sorbet is often used as a healthier alternative to ice cream, since it often is made from fruit. It does have sugar in it if you’re buying it from the store, but you can have more quality control over the ingredients if you’re making it at home.

Mostly your cat doesn’t need to have sorbet, and they aren’t going to benefit from the fruit that’s in it the way a human might. It’s basically one of those foods that you can safely leave out of their diet and they won’t be the worse for it.

Can I Give My Cat Sorbet? Usually Not Necessary

Under most circumstances, cats can ingest sorbet without too much trouble. Some are known to love raspberries. Raspberries are very popular as a sorbet, and although sweet to cats, the side effects of it are evident. When they eat sorbet, many times they will start to have a light to watery feces due to the presence of raspberries. If they continue feeding on it, their health may deteriorate steadily due to water loss. This means in one way or another, sorbet may not be a good idea to give to cats.

Is It Safe for My Cat?
In other situations, sorbet may be a good idea especially if the cat is having hard feces, which seems to hurt them. It is only under these situations when you can give sorbet to them. They may not be ready to take the whole of the raspberry berries, which means you have to devise a way to give it to the cat. Sorbet is the perfect idea to help ease up the hardness of their poop, and get them back to normal digestion.

Serving Suggestion
Since sorbet is mainly found in raspberries, there are two ways in which you can give it to your cat. If they love these berries, you can just give them directly, and they will chew them up just like it would do to a piece of meat. However most cats, especially pet cats, will not even take a look at the berries. This is when you need to use following method.

You will need:

-A blender
-Cat’s feeding bowl

First, you will need to crash and squeeze the berries off the juice. You will only need the juice, which means you can blend the raspberries using a blender. Once the juice is set, be sure to sieve the juice to remove any cellulite or berry cover from the juice.

When the berry juice is ready, you will then need to place a few tablespoons of the raspberry juice in a cup of milk, and then warm the milk up for the two liquids to mix up. Give the solution a few minutes to cool off, and then add in more milk to the solution.

You can then place the milk in the cat’s feeding bowl, and give it to them. They will be more than willing to take the milk, and the raspberry juice. Raspberry juice comes with an additional taste that cats do love, thus they will not be driven away by its taste.

Just keep in mind that this is only if you want to help clear out your cat’s digestive system, and help relieve constipation. It is not something you would want to do on a regular basis.

Final Thoughts
However, one thing you need to remember is that as much as humans do enjoy eating sorbets, your cat might not even care for the taste. The resulting side effects that sorbet has on cats are immense, meaning you have to be careful when feeding them this frozen dessert.

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