Can I Give My Cat to PetSmart?

Can I give my cat to PetSmart?If you need to get rid of your cat, you might be wondering if you can drop them off at your local PetSmart. Since they have pets for sale you might think that they take pets in to help find them new homes.

Lots of factors can influence your decision to get rid of your cat. Maybe you’re moving to a new house or apartment where cats aren’t allowed. Maybe you simply can’t keep up with litter and food costs in this fledgling economy. Maybe you’ve developed an allergy, or always had one and are tired of taking allergy medication every day. Whatever your reason, you’ll want to do right by your cat and give them the best chance of getting into a new home.

The reason PetSmart entered your mind is that they usually have very cute and friendly dogs and cats for sale in their stores, and you thought your cat would be a good fit. Also, it’s not as if PetSmart is licensed to euthanize pets so they’ll either find it a buyer or send it to the pet shelter if it doesn’t get bought. Either way you’d be off the hook. But unfortunately they don’t accept animals directly from the public, so you’ll have to use a different method to get out of this situation.

Can I Give My Cat to PetSmart? Answer: No.

PetSmart is not a pet shelter, and they do not have a policy of taking in unwanted animals. If you take it there they will only refer you to your local animal shelters and turn you away. There isn’t a financial advantage in taking in new cats, and the only reason they feature pets for sale in the store is to make money. If they started taking in animals they would be inundated in a short amount of time and it would end up costing them money in maintaining these pets until they are sold. That’s why they leave that part to the shelters and only get what they can sell quickly.

Better Options
If you’re made the determination that you can’t keep your cat, you should give it to your local animal shelter. This is where PetSmart selects the pets that are featured in their stores, so it’s their best chance at making it in. The large majority of cats that are given to shelters do not end up finding a home, so it’s important that you exhaust all of your resources before you go this route. There are a lot of time tested ways of finding a home for an unwanted pet, and pretty much announcing this fact to those around you is enough to find an interested party.

Go Social
Asking around to family and friends is probably the best way to go. A simple post on Facebook with a cute picture of your cat could be all that is needed to find them a good home. If enough interest is generated it will likely not take long for someone to say they’ll take it. This is especially true if you’ve been posting cute posts about them all along and people have developed an online relationship with your cat through your news feed.

Reconsider Your Decision
If you aren’t able to find them a home and are still thinking about giving them to a shelter, but don’t want them to risk being put to sleep, you should maybe think about changing your mind altogether. Perhaps talking the situation over with your close friends might be able to help you see things from a different angle. Maybe you’ve painted yourself into a mental corner and you have been overlooking an obvious solution.

Give Them a Good Shot
If you have to take them to a shelter because you’re moving or you can’t afford them anymore, or for whatever reason, be sure that they have the best chance by having them professionally groomed and buying them a nice collar. These little steps can put them at the forefront of the shelter and separate them from other cats that don’t look as sharp. This way they’ll stand out and have a higher chance of getting adopted, and avoiding the back room.

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