Can I Give My Cat Xanax?

Can I give my cat Xanax?If you have an anxious cat on your hands, you might think that Xanax will do the trick in calming them down. Most cats are calm by nature, and only get agitated when you disrupt their day to day lifestyle. If you’ve got a big car trip planned, or they need to go to the vet, a Xanax would work at keeping them calm – if they were human.

Xanax is a very powerful drug that works on the neural level for people, but is not designed for cats. It is an anti-depressent drug that is by prescription only. This isn’t something that you can buy over the counter, because it does have side effects, and can be harmful if not taken in the proper dose, and if taken when not needed. And this all applies to humans.

They do not test these types of medications on animals, and they do not provide the dosage needed for your cat. You might think that you can get around this by just giving them a little bit of the pill, but even then you are taking an unnecessary risk with your cat’s life. The chemicals in this drug are meant to take effect on a human brain, which is much larger than a cat’s, and made up entirely differently. Therefore, Xanax is not something you should give your cat – ever.

Can I Give My Cat Xanax? Answer: No.

Resist the urge to give your cat Xanax or any other prescription or OTC drug that is made for humans. These just aren’t safe for cats. There are side effects to them, even when used in humans under the recommended dosage, so by introducing them to a cat you are putting them at risk of having an adverse reaction to it, and getting the dosage incorrect because there is no correct dosage. They’re not meant to have it.

Cats and Anxiety
Cats are known for being well-composed, unless they get spooked, and then they totally freak out. It can come from fighting with another cat, having run in with a dog, or even when you vacuum the floor. Their back arches, the hair on their body and tail stands straight up, and their tail goes straight up as well. They hiss and back away from the danger, and can take several minutes to return to normal. Some cats react this way even if you attempt to put them in their cat carrier. They know they don’t like it and they know what you’re trying to do, so they do their best to avoid the situation. Calming them down can be pretty tough, but there are ways to go about it. Consult your vet for either a prescription or a non-prescription way to get them proactively calm.

Cats and Pharmaceutical Drugs
You may have gotten so used to taking prescription medication that you forget just how powerful it is. Especially something like Xanax that works on the brain’s neurochemistry. This is at such a level that it can make such a profound difference in our moods and feelings. It’s basically changing the physiology of the body by working on the brain. You should never give a cat any prescription drug that is designed for a human, under any circumstance.

Special Drugs for Cats
Your veterinarian can prescribe your cat a muscle relaxer or other drug that will keep them calm through stressful times in their lives. These medications will be specially formulated for the feline species, and will come with the proper dosing instructions. But they will only prescribe them if they feel that your cat is legitimately suffering from anxiety or undue stress.

One big problem with animals in mis-diagnosis, and treating them for things that they don’t even have. It’s a problem because they can’t talk, and they can’t tell us what’s wrong, so we’re just stabbing in the dark. A vet has a much more extensive background and can better determine when a cat is really ailing, and what they’re ailing from.

So be a good owner and if there is a legitimate cause of giving your cat something like Xanax, bring them into the vet to discuss what’s been going on, and to explore the different treatment options.

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