Can I Give My Cat Beer?

Can I give my cat beer?The most widely-consumed alcoholic beverage in the world would probably be beer. It is commonly made of water, malted barley and a flavoring called hops, but its main active ingredient is alcohol. All these ingredients go through the brewing process to produce the beer that we are all familiar with. It is appreciated by different cultures all over the world and has practically made a fortune as a global business. So many people enjoy it that one has questioned if it can be given to pets, such as our feline friends.

Beer is classified as an alcoholic beverage. A 285 mL glass of beer contains 11.4mL, or about 4% alcohol. This is absorbed by your stomach and small intestine and eventually goes to your bloodstream, making its way through the different parts of your body. Although it will take quite an amount of alcohol before the human body’s liver and brain are seriously affected, it takes far less to do damage to a cat. Alcohol is highly toxic to cats that even a small amount of it can put them into a coma. Their liver cannot metabolize alcohol, unlike that of humans.

The mere fact that beer contains alcohol is enough reason to believe that cats should not be given any amount of this beverage. It is extremely toxic and dangerous even in very small doses. Unlike the human body, which takes far more before it acquires chronic conditions due to high alcohol consumption, it takes much less alcohol to seriously affect cats. Intoxication, coma, and death are the leading effects of alcohol ingestion in pets.

Can I Give My Cat Beer? Answer: No.

If you love your cat, never give them beer or any alcoholic beverage. Their bodies are not fit to take in any form of alcohol, whether in big or small amounts. Alcohol causes liver trauma in cats because they are unable to metabolize the alcohol. Just two teaspoons of whisky can put them in a coma, add another teaspoon and they will die. Although beer has lower alcohol content than whisky, it is still just as toxic and can give the same effects. Giving your cat higher doses of alcohol will all the more seriously damage the central nervous, cardiac, and respiratory systems, leading to death.

Other Foods Cats Should Avoid
Onions in all forms can lead to onion poisoning in cats. Onions are able to break down a cat’s red blood cells, also causing anemia. Baby foods should also be avoided because most of them contain onion powder. Grapes and raisins are also a no-no because they can cause kidney failure in our feline friends. Giving bones from meat and fish can also be dangerous to them as they can lacerate a cat’s sensitive digestive system.

Tuna, for human consumption, should also be avoided because if given frequently, they can lead to malnutrition due to the lack of nutrients needed by cats. Although cats love fish, never give them raw or uncooked fish or meat. This can be a cause for food poisoning in your pet.

When Your Cat Accidentally Drinks Beer
If your cat accidentally drinks beer, immediately take them to your vet. Do not delay. Do not wait for any signs. Consider this as an emergency as any amount of alcohol can be lethal to your cat. Your vet should know the best thing to do to help your cat get rid of the alcohol in its system. Do not panic, though. It is possible that your pet may not be affected, but still be vigilant enough to consult with your vet and know the next best step.

Some Surprisingly Healthy Benefits of Beer on Humans
Although beer immediately reminds us of getting drunk and having that nasty beer belly, it is worth it to know that beer also has some healthy benefits. Studies show that moderate consumption of beer can make you more heart-healthy, with the ability to lower your risk of cardiovascular diseases. This is because it is able to increase the good cholesterol and improve the lining of the blood vessels, preventing clots from forming. It has also been associated with lowered risk of dementia, if taken in moderation. Too much alcohol can actually give you the opposite of these healthy effects.

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