Can I Give My Cat Petroleum Jelly?

Can I give my cat petroleum jelly?Petroleum jelly is often brought up as a makeshift remedy for hairballs, but is it something that you should be using or are there better ways to help them with these annoyances?

Often if something works people say it’s OK for your cat, but that’s not always the case. Just because petroleum jelly might work to help pass a hairball doesn’t mean that it’s entirely safe for your cat to ingest. Juts because it’s effective doesn’t mean you should do it. After all, you probably wouldn’t want to eat it yourself, so why would it be OK for your cat? Some of the advice out there can be readily ignored, and you have to use your own judgement on this one. Something made you stop and think about this decision enough to research it, so listen to that small voice.

Your cats deserve to be treated with respect, and you can’t think of their digestive system as something that you can just lube up with something like Vaseline. It might sound logical, but it’s really not fair for them, and hairballs are a sign that something’s not right, and you can go about fixing it so that they don’t get them anymore, rather than just giving them petroleum jelly.

Can I Give My Cat Petroleum Jelly? Answer: Not Recommended

Petroleum jelly is not something that you want to get into the habit of giving your cat. It’s not meant to be ingested, and it’s not a food item, even if it does have jelly in the title. It’s more like an industrial product akin to oil or grease. While it may sound logical to help grease up those furballs and help them pass them, it’s not the best option, and not the recommended one from us. Since there are better remedies out there than this one, you’d want to go with those first, and only use this as a last resort, and not a go-to dietary supplement that you keep handy.

Hairball Relief
There are better methods of hairball relief, and the top one is prevention. Hairballs are not something that you cat must have, and it’s a sign that they’re not being groomed enough, and not being fed a proper diet. A good way to prevent hairballs is to make sure that you brush your cat enough so that they are not licking off too much fur when they clean themselves. You should also switch to a better cat food, even a wet cat food to insure that their digestive system is functioning well enough to pass hairballs on their own, without the need for something like petroleum jelly.

They’re Probably Fine
You also have to realize that even though your cat may struggle with the occasional hairball, this doesn’t mean that you have to go out of your way to help them pass them. They’re equipped to deal with it on their own, and only in rare instances do hairballs become a problem worth seeing the vet over. The

Serious Situations
In cases where your cat is having an exceptionally tough time with a hairball, you might consider giving them some petroleum jelly, but only as a last resort, and not as something that you would give to them regularly as a digestive aid. Some cat owners say that they smear some petroleum jelly on their cat’s paw and just let them lick it off as a way to prevent hairballs, but this is borderline negligent and should be considered bad advice. Rather than buy a tub of Vaseline that’s just for your cats, try taking proper care of them by grooming them and giving them better cat food and you won’t have the problem in the first place.

Your cat doesn’t count on you for much, aside from food, water, and a litter box, so you have to make sure that you get these things right. And since you don’t even have to give them a bath, you can take that time to make sure that their coat is brushed at least once a week, even more if they are a long-haired breed. They might not like being brushed the first couple of times, but they’ll get used to it, and you’ll watch those hairballs become a thing of the past.

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