Can I Give My Cat Apple Cider Vinegar?

Can I give my cat apple cider vinegar?

Can I give my cat apple cider vinegar?Do you have a cat that is having various digestive or skin related problems and have heard that apple cider vinegar (ACV) can help? Worried that no matter what you try, you still don’t get a positive result? Concerned about your kitty’s health and the future side effects that medicines would have on it?

Well, now you don’t have to worry anymore since we’re here to tell you about a secret, seemingly magical potion: apple cider vinegar. This item is what you have been looking for all along. Nobody can deny the amazing powers that apple cider vinegar holds when it comes to human beings.

However, in the recent years, this study has been taken to a next level where it has been seen that apple cider vinegar is just as effective on animals, especially cats, as it is on human beings.

Can I Give My Cat Apple Cider Vinegar? Yes.

There is no doubt about this fact. Apple cider vinegar will help your cat get rid of all the ailments that it is having so that it can live a happy, normal life. Pet doctors are busy researching more about apple cider vinegar and its effects on animals and they have found out that up till now, ticks, upper respiratory infections, flea attacks, cystitis, ringworms and ear infections, all these can be easily cured with apple cider vinegar. Instead of going through the trouble of getting expensive treatments for your cats, you should first try this home remedy on your cat.

There are a lot of chances that it will cure the problem, provided that the problem is not too serious. Apple cider vinegar is the smelliest form of vinegar and it is also the bitterest one too. It is can be a little difficult to make your cat have it because of its strong stench, however you can try adding it in their food. In this way, there are chances that your kitty might confuse the unpleasant smell for the food’s odor and eat it.

Benefits of ACV
Many of you might still not be properly convinced if you should use apple cider vinegar on your darling pet or not. So, for most of you who are wondering, “Why choose Apple Cider Vinegar?” here are some of its astonishing benefits:

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The main ingredients of apple cider vinegar compose of a number of minerals, vitamins and enzymes. These components are very important for your kitty’s proper health and growth. ACV also helps in balancing your pet’s pH level. Many times, when the pH level of the cat gets upset, it starts suffering from digestive problems. In circumstances like these, ACV can help you. ACV ensures proper pH level of your cat and also keeps away those brown tear strains from forming under your cat’s eyes.

If your cat is having a problem with fleas then apple cider vinegar is your best solution. Making a solution of half ACV and half water and using this solution on your cat after its bath will help get rid of all the flea problems. Let your cat’s fur air dry and you will observe a miracle. Furthermore, if you want to be sure that no fleas find a place in your kitten’s fur in the future; add a tablespoon of ACV in their drinking water, about 4 to 5 cups of water. This solution can also be used if your cat is having other itchy problems. You can also adjust the amount if the cat is really young.

ACV is also good when it comes to treating ring worm problems in cats. Simply sponge the affected areas with a solution of one third of water and two thirds of ACV. Do this two times a day.

If you start adding ACV in your cat’s drinking water then in addition to curing flea and itchiness problems, the solution will also ease the pain of arthritis and stop hot spots. Furthermore, ACV also stops kidney stones from forming in your cat’s kidneys.

A Quick Note
Owning a cat can be a big responsibility. You need to take care of its well-being. Therefore, make sure you do everything that you can to make your home is a heaven for your little pet. Having ACV in your home will take care of the majority of cat-related problems.

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  1. This is excellent for health and anti-flea remedy. String a small droplet of ACV through your fingers and pet on your cat or dog. Alternative to chemical-filled shampoos.

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