Can I Give My Cat Goldfish Crackers?

Can I give my cat Goldfish crackers

Can I give my cat Goldfish crackersGoldfish crackers may seem apt to give to your cat, because it’s widely believed that cats enjoy eating fish. But there isn’t a trace of fish in these cheesy snacks, so is there any reason why they should be given to your cat?

The one thing you should keep in mind is that Goldfish crackers are not a very healthy thing for your cat to have. They don’t contain anything that is beneficial to your cat in any way, and aside from the kick you’ll get out of watching them eat it, there’s no pressing reason to give it to them. While they’re not likely to keel over and die because of it, they aren’t recieving any nutrients for it, won’t savor the snacky goodness of them, so there’s really no point.

With all of flavoring agents and preservatives they add to things like Goldfish crackers, your cat might develop a taste for them and start to reject their cat food. If they start getting finicky about the food that is actually good for them to eat, you could be in trouble. While one or two crackers here and there might be alright, you’re really playing with fire, as cats can get hooked on junk food just as easily as humans can.

Can I Give My Cat Goldfish Crackers? Answer: Not Recommended

Your cat really only needs its cat food and fresh water. If you want to supplement your cat’s cat food, consider getting specially made cat treats. These will often contain extra vitamins and nutrients that you cat can easily digest. Or consider getting them some catnip that will put them in a special state. There are plenty of better options than giving your cat packaged foods like Goldfish crackers.

Even though Pepperidge Farm says that they’re baked and not fried and points out that they may be a healthier snacking option than potato chips, they’re still got plenty of oil and fat in them, as well as salt and other chemicals to make them taste the way they do. Things like MSG have been found to be addictive in humans, so you can bet that your cat might get a hankering for them as well. Cats are smart and persistent and they’ll know when you’re having some based on the distinctive crinkle of the Goldfish bag. Don’t get started down that road because it doesn’t end well.

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Yes, We Get It, They Look Like Fish
The novelty is definitely there, they look like little Goldfish so it’s cute to see your cat eat them, but they would be much better off with other treats that actually have extra nutrients your cat will benefit from.

Upgrading Their Cat Food
Instead of worrying about which junk foods you can give your cat, why not forget about supplementing their diet altogether and use that extra money to give them a better grade of cat food. It’s actually the best favor you can do for your cat, and it’s fun to watch for the signs of improvement. You’ll see that they’re more cat-like when they have good food to eat. They’ll be more active like they were when they were younger, their hair will grow in better, making them look healthier. You’ll also see that they have better bowel movements with less strain, and that they’re able to pass hairballs more easily.

Human Foods and Cats
It’s generally not a good idea to give cats people food, that’s why there’s an entire industry devoted to perfecting the formula that makes cat food the best thing to give a cat. When you give a cat human food, it’s often cooked, which cats don’t need cooked food and wouldn’t eat it in the wild. This includes cooked meats and cooked vegetables. Grains are another common people food that doesn’t really have a place in a cat’s natural diet. Unless you want to get into the habit of feeding your cat a raw natural diet, it’s better to just get them a good cat food and call it a day.

So enjoy your Goldfish crackers as much as you want, and if you feel like it, toss a few to your cat. But if they get hooked on the stuff, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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10 thoughts on “Can I Give My Cat Goldfish Crackers?”

  1. I gave my Cat some Goldfish crackers and he developed a horrendous case of the farts. Cat farts are the worst, the worst! This was a very, very bad idea. Aside from riding your yard of unwanted dogs, there is no reason to do this.

    1. My kitten won’t eat them. It might sound disgusting but I chewed the crackers up myself until nothing crunchy is left turning it into a easy way for the kitten to eat the crackers without the risk of choking. I did this because she’s a kitten.

    1. No it doesn’t. I feed my cat them once in a while. Just a moment ago, before I started recording, I had put it on her hand while she was sleeping and then she woke up and ate it.

  2. My cat steals my snacks, any snacks. I really have to watch my food carefully. I don’t give them to him ever. He likes goldfish crackers but I caught him spitting out a Twizzler before.

  3. I was eating some goldfish and my cat was very interested in them. I dropped one and she really likes the salt. When I leave and come back I don’t have any goldfish, she is sniffing all around for the salty crackers. But she is disappointed when she finds out I ate them.

  4. My cat has never been interested in the food I eat. In fact, he would quickly walk away, but for some reason he really enjoys snacking on gold fish crackers. They are one of my favorite snacks so I have them around all the time. He always has to have one or two!

  5. I have a senior cat who despises almost any food I give her. She has refused tuna, sardines, salmon, any type of wet food, meat baby food, etc. Yet she loves goldfish! I was eating some the other night and she ate one right out of my hand.

    Is there any type of cat food (wet or dry) or treat that mimics the taste? I am guessing she likes it because it is salty. I am desperate. She needs to eat something. Thanks!

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