Can I Give My Cat a Haircut?

Can I give my cat a haircut?

Can I give my cat a haircut?Cats clean themselves, but what if they need a haircut? The advantage of being a cat is that your fur never goes out of style. Unfortunately there are those among the homo sapiens that may dispute this fact and want to give their cat a haircut.

Cats take care of their hair, spending an enormous amount of time grooming to keep it smooth and clean. Style is not their main concern. An estimated 3.65 billion dollars was spent in the U.S. on grooming and boarding, so there is obviously a market for cat hair stylists.

The business runs on more than style, though. In some cases a haircut can be essential for removing tangled and matted hair.

Can I Give My Cat a Haircut? Answer: Yes

Cats can be given haircuts without suffering any negative consequences. However, it is never easy to give them a haircut. One of the biggest difficulties is to keep them calm and still while they suffer the indignity of having their haircut. If you want to cut your cat’s hair, it is probably a good idea to go to a professional groomer. They have the right tools and should have the necessary experience to cut your pet’s hair without incident. Remember that even a small nick can damage your clawed companion’s skin.

How to Give Your Cat a Haircut
A professional groomer is the best option, since they have the experience and tools required to give your cat a haircut. Only cut your cat’s hair if it is absolutely necessary. Start the grooming routine when your pet is still a kitten, so they can get accustomed the process and the sitting still. In any case, enlist the help of a friend to hold the cat still while you work. Combing the hair first will make the trimming easier.

The right tools are important for the job. A pair of sharp haircutting scissors can be used to trim the areas where the sheers can’t reach such as the long hair around the ears and anus. Be very careful and snip only a little at a time. Use a pet sheer with the guard on to trim the rest of the hair. Keep in mind that even the pointed edges of the guard can hurt your cat. Work from the back of the tail to the head, but leave the hair on the cat’s face untouched.

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Watch the whiskers!
When giving your cat a haircut it is best to leave the head undisturbed, hence the popularity of the ‘lion cut’, which leaves the hair on the head, paws and the tip of the tail. It also reduces the risk of your cat’s whiskers getting damaged. Whiskers are used by cats for measuring and opening, mood indication and navigation. They are extremely sensitive and useful to the cat and should therefore not be trimmed.

Matted and Tangled Hair
Other than style there are legitimate reasons a cat could require a haircut. Matted and tangled fur is not only ugly but it can also cause infections and irritations. In some cases matted and tangled hair cannot be removed in any other way. If the fur is matted, use scissors to carefully cut out the matted clumps of hair. The matted segment is easier to manage if you cut it into smaller pieces. If the clumps are too close to the skin do not use the scissors, as they may damage the skin.

Keeping a comb in between the scissors and the cat’s skin can prevent accidents. Taking your cat to a professional groomer to have the matted hair removed is always the safest solution. As in many cases, prevention is the best solution. So if you notice your cat is prone to matted hair, brush and bathe it as necessary to prevent the tangles.

Professional Groomer Recommended
Most cats have no need for haircuts. Long haired cats, may enjoy losing some hair for the summer, but most of them will still hate the process of getting a haircut. There are cases where cats, may need to have their haircut to prevent problems. For example, cats that have matted and tangled hair, may require it to be cut to prevent infections and irritation. Whether the cut is for style, comfort or need it is always best if done by a professional groomer.

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  1. What does it cost to have it done? My cat has thick hair and it makes her throw up on a regular basis right after she eats. She does not let me brush her. She is
    fun, but I am worried about her.

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