Can I Give My Cat My Inhaler?

Can I give my cat my inhaler?

Can I give my cat my inhaler?If your cat is having breathing problems similar to an asthmatic reaction, you might think to give them a puff from your inhaler. This is not a good idea, and aside from the complexity of trying to get them to inhale the mist, it’s just not something you want to do.

In general, cats do not respond well to human medication, and the problem is exacerbated when there isn’t a reliable way to adjust the dosage. Most cats will shy away from things put near their face, and there’s basically no way to insure that when you press the inhaler your cat will actually inhale the vapors.

Even if you could get a reliable dose into them, you’re still giving your cat medication that wasn’t designed for cats, and you’re assuming that you are properly diagnosing that your cat is suffering from the same breathing condition that you are. This is a big assumption, and in almost all cases it is the wrong one.

Can I Give My Cat My Inhaler? Answer: Not Recommended.

Your vet can properly diagnose any breathing trouble your cat is having, and they will also be able to set them up on the right course of treatment. There is an entire industry built around making meds that are specifically for the feline species. This means that they’ve taken into account their physiology and have crafted the drugs to both be administered more easily, and used by the cat in an effective manner.

It could be that your cat has an allergy to airborne particles in your home. Your vet will be able to give the a simple allergy test to find out what the offender is. Removing the allergen from your home is often enough to keep the problem under control. But this all hinges on having your cat properly evaluated by the vet, and not simply taking guesses as to what the problem could be.

Cats and Asthma
Feline asthma is a real condition, and your vet is the only one that can properly diagnose it, and treat it effectively. If you suspect your cat has asthma, it’s a good idea to take them in so they can get a full check up to see what is the problem. The treatment program for feline asthma has already been established, and it is very effective for the majority of cats, and if necessary uses a special accessory for the inhaler.

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Cats and Wheezing
Cats can wheeze for any number of reasons, including an allergic reaction to an indoor allergen. It’s no reason to make you believe that it must be asthma. If you notice that they start to wheeze after they have a lot of activity, they could have exercise induced asthma, but again only your vet will be able to make that determination.

When to See a Vet
Whenever your cat has a breathing problem, it can be scary, and it can even prompt you to want to use your inhaler on them. It’s true that breathing problems are serious and typically need professional attention. If your cat is having trouble breathing and seems panicked about it, you should definitely call the vet to see what your next step is. They will ask you a few qualifying questions to see if you need to bring them in, or if you can treat them successfully from home. Sometimes it’s just a matter of letting the condition pass, and letting the cat work through it, other times they’ll need immediate attention. No matter what though, it’s imperative that you remain as calm as you can.

Preventing Future Flare Ups
It’s a good idea to try to improve the environment where your cat spends most of the time. They are breathing the same air as we are, so it could be a good idea to get an air purifier for the main room of the house. One that traps dust and mold spores, as well as cat dander and hair would be best. Most HEPA filters will do a good job of improving the air quality, and as a side bonus you’ll also improve your own health by breathing better air. If you have your own inhaler already this might be a step you’ve previously considered.

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  1. My vet has prescribed a human inhaler for my asthmatic cat. It is delivered via a spacer (a plastic device with a mask that covers the cat’s nose and mouth).

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