Can I Give My Cat Maalox?

Can I give my cat Maalox?

Can I give my cat Maalox?If you’re cat’s having tummy trouble you might be tempted to give it some Maalox from your own bottle. It can be hard to read the signs of indigestion and heartburn in cats, because they’re troopers and generally will keep quiet, even if they’re in real pain.

But is Maalox something that you should give them when you know they’re having trouble digesting something? Cats are pretty self-contained creatures, between using a litter box and licking themselves clean they’re pretty much set and forget. As long as you keep them stocked with food and water they won’t bug you for much. This can lead some owners to want to fuss over their cats over the slightest thing, and make sure that they’re having a good time here.

But as has been proven time and time again, on large scales and small, human intervention is rarely needed or successful, and giving your cat an over the counter medication like Maalox is definitely not a good idea. Only under the direction and guidance of your vet should you attempt it, and even then it’s better to opt for other choices.

Can I Give My Cat Maalox? Answer: Not Recommended

As long as you’re feeding your cat a consistent diet, they shouldn’t suffer too often from cases of indigestion and heartburn, or excess stomach acid. However, if you have an indoor/outdoor cat, or if they manage to get outside and eat something that doesn’t agree with them, they may end up with a stomachache. The best remedy is time, you just have to let them deal with it on their own. Either they’ll yack it back up, or they suffering through it until it ends up in the litter box. Adding Maalox to the equation will just upset their digestive system.

Possible Side Effects
One big reason not to use Maalox for your cat is the side effects that are noted in humans after extended use. Ironically these can be worse than what you’re trying to treat, and include feeling nauseous, having diarrhea, being constipated, and having headaches. While it’s true that these generally only occur when using it for long periods, that’s for humans. A cat’s digestive system is a much smaller scale and they don’t process things the way we do. They could have these side effects with the first dose, especially if you don’t dose correctly.

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Remedies for Cats with Upset Stomach
So if Maalox isn’t recommended, what can you do when your cat is hurting and you don’t want to stand idly by doing nothing? Think all-natural when it comes to your cat, because that’s what they’d be left with if they were on their own and had to handle the problem themselves. Cats will instinctively eat some grass if they’re experiencing stomach issues. This acts as a natural laxative for cats, so it will help them move the offending food or non-food out of their system just as quickly as possible.

If they’re an indoor cat and you’re afraid of them getting loose outside, go pull some grass from the yard and present it to them. If they feel the need, they’ll nibble on it, and if they don’t then you don’t have to worry, maybe you just misdiagnosed it, or maybe they’ll end up puking the food up later and they feel they don’t need a laxative since it won’t be moving through their body.

The Hands Off Approach
Many cat owners don’t like the idea of doing nothing when their precious pet is in trouble. However, we humans have tendency to do too much, and we think we have to give nature a hand all the time. But cats have been around for a long time, and they’ve learned to adapt to their environment. They know better than we do that a stomachache is just a part of life, not something that needs to be combated every time it occurs. They don’t mind a little suffering because they know it’s only temporary. Humans believe we shouldn’t suffer at all, and this is why we have a “cure” for every symptom known to man.

Also, unless you’ve correctly identified upset stomach in your cat before, make sure you aren’t treating them for something they don’t have.

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  1. I gave my 11 year old cat 1/8 tsp with his food. Several hours later my cat had a violent seizure. My vet did not know if this was caused by the Maalox. I still feel like crap.

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