Can I Give My Cat Rice Milk?

Can I give my cat rice milk?

Can I give my cat rice milk?Rice milk is often consumed by those that are intolerant to lactose, as well as those that prefer the taste over regular cow’s milk. Some owners believe that milk that is something cats enjoye, and something that benefits them and makes them healthier. However, cats don’t really need milk, and therefore they don’t need rice milk.

When you consider a cat left to its own devices in the wild they won’t seek out milk, and wouldn’t have access to it once they are weaned off of their mother. They definitely wouldn’t find a child to drink the milk from a cow, and they wouldn’t know how to make milk using rice because that is something that humans have devised. It’s pretty clear to see that rice milk is not part of the cat’s natural diet, and therefore you’re not need to worry about supplementing their diet with it.

Cat food, at least premium brands, are formulated to replicate the sort of diet a cat would be eating out in their natural environment. Therefore, you will see that they have an apple protein listed as the number one ingredient, meaning that it is the most abundant ingredient in the food. This is where a cat gets the protein needs, as well as the other minerals and vitamins that help it be as healthy as possible.

Can I Give My Cat Rice Milk? Answer: Not Necessary

It’s a common misperception that cats need to have milk in their diet, and your cat will be just fine if you get them cat food, as well as fresh dish of cool water at all times. They’ll drink when they’re thirsty, and since the letterbox is in place you don’t have to worry about taking them out all the time if they drink too much.

Rice Is Not for Cats
A cat simply would not eat rice, and would not have the means to cook it the way we do. They definitely would not be able to figure out how to make milk from rice. Rice milk may have some benefits to it for us to drink, but your cat will not receive those same benefits. Not everything that is made for humans is appropriate for cats, and even things that are healthy for us are not healthy for them.

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What a Cat Needs
It’s important to determine what sort of diet you are going to feed your cat, and then stick to that diet every day as cats thrive on consistency. Their diet is very simple, and is usually satisfied with a top quality cat food. If you’ve been feeding them the cheaper brands and supplementing their diet with things like rice milk and other add-ons, a better way is to take the money you’re spending on supplements and put it towards a better cat food.

This is honestly the biggest single thing you can do to help improve your Overall health. If you take a one-month challenge you’ll be amazed at what you discover. Choose one of a scientifically formulated brands and make sure that it is showing meat as the number one ingredient. Switch it out with your old brand and feed it to your cat for one month straight. You should notice a pretty stark difference in their energy level, how healthy their coat looks, and they should seem to have fewer illnesses and problems going forward.

No Fillers
What you might consider a supplement can actually be considered fillers. If your cat doesn’t need it it is just getting in the way of their natural processes. Low grade cat foods fill up the ingredients with a bunch of vegetables and grains that your cat doesn’t need as a way to produce it cheaply. It is acting to malnourish your cat and when the problem is solved it only makes sense that your cat will have a new lease on life.

When it comes to rice milk, you might see it in the news a lot as being a healthy drink for humans, but it’s only going to work to dehydrate your cat, and may even cause digestive trouble like vomiting or diarrhea. It’s simply not necessary to give it to them.

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