Can I Give My Cat Sardines?

Can I give my cat sardines?

Can I give my cat sardines?Sardines might seem like the perfect food to give your cat since they are very fishy smelling, and of course tasting. In fact, you might have seen a cartoon in which a cat was seduced by a can of sardines. But are these something that can serve as a treat for your cat, or are there better alternatives?

Since sardines fall under the category of fish, the broader question is whether or not you can give your cat fish. It is a common perception that cats like fish, however when you see a cat in the wild they very rarely will turn to the water to get their meal. Especially when you look at their big cat relatives, you’ll never see a tiger or a lion jumping into the ocean to get a fish. They stick to land dwellers, and don’t really like to get wet.

The sardines that come in a can are not something that you’d want to give your cat because they are pickled and contain a lot of salt, and therefore sodium. If you are going to give them sardines you should opt to give them fresh sardines. Since fresh sardines are not the cheapest thing in the world, it’s not something that you want to get into the habit of doing.

Can I Give My Cat Sardines? Answer: Not Recommended

Instead of spending the money on fresh sardines, you should apply that towards a better quality cat food so that you can be sure your cat is getting the very best. As long as you are feeding them the high-quality food that costs a little more, you don’t really have to worry about supplementing their diet with anything else. Your cat really only needs a few necessities of life, and sardines just don’t make the list of food they really need.

Better Alternatives
If you’re looking to reward your cat with a treat, there are better options for you to go with than using something like sardines. You should buy the specialty cat treats you can find at the supermarket or in your local pet shop. These will have additional vitamins, nutrients, and minerals that a cat needs, and you won’t have to worry about whether or not it is okay to give them to your cat. This makes it very handy whenever you feel the need to give your cat something other than their cat food.

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Why Do Cats Seem to Like Fish?
Many owners are adamant that their cat is in love with fish. It’s hard to deny that cats seem to go gaga over fish, whether it’s tuna, sardines, shrimp, or any other seafood. There seems to be something about the fishy aroma that makes a cat lick its lips with anticipation. That’s why you might think that it’s a good idea to give them fish, since they seem to light up so much when they smell it or when they hear the can being opened.

Keeping It Simple
Cats are really beautiful and elegant creatures, and they don’t need a lot of extra items added to their food intake. That’s why were the hardest things for pet owners to do is to just keep them happy with something as simple as cat food. It may seem boring to us, but cats don’t savor the food, they just eat it and are happy to have nourishment. You don’t have to feel like you’re feeding a prisoner the same bread and water each day, because that’s not how your cat is viewing it.

Some pet food companies out there will try to make the case that your pet is bored and you need to spice things up, but that’s not true and is just a marketing ploy to get you to try Kibbles and Bits. What you want to look for is the ingredients that are in the food, making sure that the number one ingredient is not a filler like corn or wheat. These animals are not grazers, they’re predators and they need their protein intake. Even if you’re a vegetarian, it is not a good idea to treat your cat like one. The debate goes on whether humans are carnivores, but there’s no doubt that cats are.

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2 thoughts on “Can I Give My Cat Sardines?”

  1. This was the only website that said not to give your cat sardines. I read cat food labels, and they aren’t exactly limited to on-land prey. They’re not even limited to meats.

  2. Plenty of wild cats eat fish. Tigers love water, and fish and water crustaceans form part of their diet (if larger prey is unavailable). Many types of cats can and do eat fish in the wild, and pet cats will go fishing in ponds. It is unlikely that a cat would ever eat a sea fish, but then again they wouldn’t eat beef or lamb either! Nor would they come into contact with chickens. Sardines offer a great source of many nutrients as long as they’re stored in water (not brine or tomato sauce).

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