Can I Give My Cat Antibiotics?

Can I give my cat antibiotics?

Can I give my cat antibiotics?If you suspect that your cat has an infection, you might think about giving them some antibiotics. Perhaps you have some left over from their last infection, or maybe you are considering giving some of yours to them. Before you do, it’s good that you are doing your research because this is something that has some debate to it.

Antibiotics are not something that should be taken lightly, and even in humans there are special side effects and ramifications that can show up for months or years later. With so many problems surrounding the use of antibiotics in humans, it should give you pause before giving it to your cat.

The first thing that you should be concerned about is getting the dosage right. If you do end up giving your cat an antibiotic, you should make sure that you consult your veterinarian first to make sure that you are getting the right type and dosing instructions.

Can I Give My Cat Antibiotics? Answer: Under Vet Supervision

So it is definitely not a good idea to reach into your medicine cabinet and give your cat antibiotics that were prescribed for you. You should only give veterinarian prescribed medication in the proper dosage that they recommend. This is the only way you should ever medicate your cat, even though many owners will tell you it’s alright to play trial and error and just give your cat anything.

Concerns with Super Strains
Another concern about giving your cat will and authorize antibiotics is that if you just give it to them willy-nilly you run the risk of strain of bacteria becoming immune to the antibiotics are giving them, causing more problems than if you just left things alone, or used the vet recommended medicine and instructions. These instructions should be followed to the letter, and you should use the entire bottle even when your cat starts behaving normally and looking healthy.

Giving Your Cat Probiotics
Another concern that gets raised is what happens after you give your cat antibiotics? In humans, it is thought that we should take a probiotic after being on an antibiotic so that we can replace the good bacteria in our digestive system. The thing about an antibiotic is that it decimates the entire bacterial population inside you. It can’t this thing was to train the good and the bad bacteria to just kill them all.

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But cats have a different digestive system than us, so giving them a human probiotic would not be a good idea. You can ask your vet whether they recommend a feline probiotic, or if they suggest just leaving things alone and letting your cat replace those good bacteria over time.

Treating Infections in Your Cat
If you notice that your cat is suffering from an infection, either an internal one where they’ve got sinus trouble, or chest congestion, or they’ve got a cut that looks like it’s having trouble healing, there are ways to help them without going straight to a medicinal solution.

Sometimes Doing Nothing Is Key
It’s best to keep your cat’s interests in mind any time they seem to be suffering. Even though humans treat every little nick and bump as something that needs to be treated, animals are used to recovering on their own, and letting nature heal things. By stepping in too soon, or when it’s not required, you are exacerbating the situation more times than not. In many instances, it is best to just leave the animal alone and let them handle things on their own.

This can be one of the hardest things for cat owners to learn, especially if they are used to hovering over their pets thinking that they need constant attention. The cats were around long before they were domesticated, it is only fairly recently that they’ve become accustomed to living with humans. It is great that you love your pet, but sometimes you can care too much, and your help is actually detrimental. Show your love in other ways like a high-quality cat food and clean and full water dish, a consistently clean litter box, and plenty of attention.

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