Can I Give My Cat Applesauce?

Can I give my cat applesauce?

Can I give my cat applesauce?Worried about your little kitty’s diet and thinking applesauce might be OK? If that is the case, then this page is here to help you sort it out once and for all.

No matter how much your pet pokes you at the dinner table or tries to seduce you with its cute, big eyes, you need to let them know that the food you’re eating is not meant for them. It’s not something they’d normally be eating, and it’s not very good for their digestive system.

Giving a little human food once in a while is okay for your cat but making it a part of their daily diet is not a good idea. Your cat can suffer from many digestive problems if this practice continues.

Can I Give My Cat Applesauce? Not Recommended.

The artificially made applesauce that you buy from the supermarket contains many preservatives and chemicals. These artificial preservatives might not harm a human but they can have drastic effects on a cat’s digestive system. If you really want to give your cat some applesauce, then try making it on your own. The applesauce made at home would be free from artificial flavoring and coloring and in this way it would be less harmful. As mentioned above, a cats’ digestive system works in a little different manner.

Our body can easily get rid of the toxins present in these artificially made food items but cats cannot do this. Therefore, giving your cat some applesauce is a clear no-no unless it is just once-in-a-while treat and the applesauce is either organic or made at home.

Effects of Applesauce on Cats
Applesauce, especially the ones from the grocery store, contain large amounts of sugar. When your cat eats too many sugary food items, there are chances that your little pet might suffer from dental problems, diabetes mellitus and obesity in the future. Therefore, it is better to tell your little kitty to stay away from the applesauce.

Other Harmful Foods
Besides applesauce, there are other food items too that you need to be careful with. Your cat is not intelligent enough to decide on its own what is harmful for it and what’s not. You need to decide what to give it and what to not. If you’re fond of alcoholic beverages and colas then you need to take care of these wine and drink bottles. Cats cannot even have a taste of alcohol or beer. Cats can go into a coma and if the intake is higher then there are chances of death too.

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Onions are harmful for a cat too, therefore, baby food must also be kept away from your little one. The next food items are chocolate, caffeine, coffee and tea. These can be dangerous for cats as they can cause diarrhea and affect the heart and the nervous system. Cats should also be kept away from citrus oil extracts as these extracts upset your cat’s little tummy and the little kitty spends its entire day vomiting here and there.

Harmless Foods
There are some food items that are not so dangerous. Adding these food items in your cat’s diet not only makes its food tasty and yummy , but also fulfills its nutrient intake. Some important food items include vegetables, dairy products and meat. Vegetables fulfill your cat’s protein requirements which otherwise become somewhat difficult to fulfill. However, as mentioned above, you need to make sure your cat’s veggie diet doesn’t contain any onions.

The second item on the list is, of course every cat’s favorite; dairy items. Cats love milk and it is good to give your kitten some milk and other dairy products, however maintain a slight check on it too. The third food item is meat. Cats simply adore meat and no one can blame them for this, they are, after all, carnivores. So, it is a good practice to add some meat in their diet.

A Quick Note
A cats’ digestive system is different from a human’s digestive system, therefore, it needs to be treated differently too. If you really want to give some human food to your cat then make sure it is just “once in a while” treat because excess of everything is bad for them.

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9 thoughts on “Can I Give My Cat Applesauce?”

  1. Cats are lactose intolerant and shouldn’t drink milk, especially cow milk. I gave my cat some milk thinking it was good but one, she didn’t drink it and two, when she did she smelled bad all day. The vet told me not to give her milk as she’s not a kitten.

  2. Thank you. Your article was very helpful. My kitten was a drop off and we took him in not knowing his history. Any kitten food or cat food gave him diarrhea. I’ve been trying to help him with brat diet. Boiled ground round and rice. I was hoping to add a little applesauce for taste but I see I can add veggies except for onion. Any further suggestions would be helpful I have been battling this since awhile. A very tearful couple of months.

  3. I can’t open a can of any kind of fruit with out my cat wanting to nose in to drink it. The battle is on just to be able to get the fruit can poured into a bowl. Also, it’s good to know that she can have a little apple sauce.

  4. I didn’t realize they can’t have store bought applesauce. My 5 month old kitten wanted some and I gave him a tiny bit the other day. He’s thrown up clear liquid once last night and about 4 or 5am he threw up again. Then around 7pm today he did it again.

    Is it because I gave him a little bit of my applesauce? I don’t want him to die! I’ve had him since he was 6 weeks old. He’s very happy here and healthy but loves to eat more table food than his food.

  5. No matter where my fur baby is, if I open a can of apple sauce, the fight is on. She won’t eat much, but she has to have it. It’s good to know that a little won’t hurt.

  6. I tend to only buy unsweetened applesauce from the store (as it has no additional/artificial sugars). It wasn’t clearly mentioned whether or not this would be okay, even if it is a small amount.

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