Can I Give My Cat Chinese Food?

Can I give my cat Chinese food?

Can I give my cat Chinese food?Chinese food often results in leftovers, and you might be wondering if your cat can have some, especially if it’s a chicken dish or some other protein-filled entree. Most times it’s not good to give your cat food that we eat, and with all of the extra spices, oils, and breading this is not something that is suitable to give to a cat.

Special care should be given in this matter since it is a common observation that the majority of the cats that are taken to the vet suffer from stomach issues. Instead of experimenting on your poor cat, a cat owner must increase their knowledge by reading up on what’s OK and not OK for their cat. So it’s good that you’re checking before just giving it to your cat and seeing what happens.

Can I Give My Cat Chinese Food? Answer: Not Recommended

You shouldn’t give your cat Chinese food. If the idea is to just give your cat a taste of it, there may not be any repercussions. However, if you decide on giving your cat Chinese food as a proper meal then you’d be doing a huge disservice to them. Cats are carnivores, which means that they are flesh eating creatures. Giving a carnivore a plate of noodles is probably the worst thing to do. When the digestive system of a cat gets disturbed, they start feeling weak, nauseous and ill. They may start throwing up and in some cases, start suffering from constipation. If you observe such symptoms then you should understand that your cat is having digestive problems and could need a vet visit.

Cats and Digestive Problems
There are many problems that a cat can suffer from, and we’ll list some of the digestive problems a cat can have and their reasons. If your cat starts vomiting and the vomiting doesn’t seem to stop then it can be either due to a reaction caused by something that your cat ate or something has gotten stuck in your cat’s intestines. If they start losing weight or don’t feel hungry anymore, then it is probably due to a decrease in the amount of digestive enzymes produced. If your cat starts showing signs of bloody stool then it can be due to worms and parasites residing in your cat’s tummy. If any of these conditions become visible in your cat, you need to take it to a vet immediately as all of these signs can be extremely dangerous.

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Treating Digestive Problems in Cats
The best way of treating your cat’s digestive problems is to take it to a vet. However, if the vet is not available or the cat still feels some pain, then you can try some things to lessen your poor pet’s pain. Start using probiotics. Probiotics help in reproducing healthy bacteria in the cat’s guts. These healthy bacteria are needed for proper digestion. They also control the production of harmful bacteria in the intestinal track. This additional support is required to help digestion and to reduce the inflammation of the intestinal lining. There are special probiotics for cats, don’t give them human probiotics as the intestinal flora are different between species.

The Virtues of Cat Food
Cat food is much better for your cat than Chinese food. It’s formulated so that it meets the needs of your cat, and so they can digest it properly. The beauty of it is that if you spend a little more and get a high quality cat food you don’t have to worry about giving your cat anything else. They’ll basically be on autopilot when it comes to their diet. You’ll also notice an improvement in their energy level, and the healthiness of their hair after a few weeks of being on a better cat food. It’s really remarkable, and one of the best things you can do to improve your cat’s health.

A Quick Note
Foods that are good for humans might not be good for cats. Try feeding cats their specially formulated cat food. However, if you do feel a need of feeding them something more, make sure that the food item doesn’t upset their digestive system, and is something that they’d eat if left alone in the wild.

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