Can I Give My Cat Emetrol?

Can I give my cat Emetrol?

Can I give my cat Emetrol?If you’re trying to get your cat to stop vomiting you might have thought to give them some Emetrol you have in the home.

Typically it is not a good idea to give your cat drugs that are meant for humans, and this is another one of those cases.

Emetrol is given to humans when they’re feeling nauseous or are throwing up. That’s why it’s easy to make the leap to wondering if this is alright for your cat.

But since each cat out there is different, and each case of vomiting is due to something different, there is no way of knowing how much to give them or when.

In the majority of cases, this is just a temporary condition that your cat is going through, and the natural thing to do is just let them deal with it, unless there seems to be something they’re choking on which is blocking their airway.

Some pet owners claim to be able to tell when their pet is nauseous, even before they throw up, and might be considering using something like Emetrol even before the vomiting has started.

Can I Give My Cat Emetrol? Answer: Not Recommended

The high levels of sugar make this something that you wouldn’t want to give to your cat, even if it didn’t contain the levels of phosphoric acid that it does.

If you are specifically directed by your vet that it’s OK, then follow the dosage instructions they give you to the letter. But we were unable to find an instance where this was prescribed by a vet.

Cats and Vomiting
Vomiting might be something that none of us enjoy.

But for cats it’s a natural part of life, and a way for their body to get rid of things that it doesn’t like. Cats can sometimes swallow things that they shouldn’t, especially if they are indoor/outdoor cats.

They may also be trying to yack up a hairball, so you shouldn’t try to stop their vomiting, unless it’s just plain excessive, in which case you need to call the vet and not resort to giving them human medicine at home.

Proper Diagnosis
Finding out why your cat is throwing up is essential.

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Giving them products to stop them from throwing up only goes against this step. If they are trying to throw up so that they can empty their stomach of a foreign contaminent you should let them. Soon you’ll figure out why they were throwing up once they get it out.

Or perhaps you can gauge what they ate by the color of the vomit to see if it’s their normal cat food or if they got into something else.

Try This Instead
If you want to help soothe your cat during this time, you don’t have to resort to using medicine.

There are simple foods you can prepare for your cat like a can of mashed pumpkin, or some well-cooked mushy rice. This will help to rehydrate your cat and calm down their intestines after a bout of puking.

When to Call Your Vet
If your cat is vomiting and doesn’t seem to be stopping, you should at least call your vet to see if they recommend bringing them in.

They will run you through a series of questions and steps to take to try to determine what exactly is the problem. If they can’t figure it out over the phone, they’ll have you bring them to their office. If they diagnose your cat over the phone with a specific condition, they’ll be able to give you specific advice on what to do.

It’s best to stick to all natural solutions as much as you can with your pet.

Cats are in tune with Mother Nature. Humans have come a long way and pretty much don’t let nature handle anything, attempting to treat every little cough and sneeze with a medication of some sort.

But animals thrive in the wild, and part of their life involves throwing up foods that don’t agree with them, or having a case of diarrhea if it didn’t get digested well.

They get on with their lives pretty quick afterward, and don’t need extra care and attention, unless you want to pamper them with extra love.

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