Can I Give My Cat Hot Sauce?

Can I give my cat hot sauce?

Can I give my cat hot sauce?Did your cat accidentally get into the hot sauce?

Although we may not know it, cats that supposedly are able to survive ingesting rats that carry all sorts of diseases, actually possess a delicate metabolic systems.

It is therefore important that pet-owners practice care when feeding them.

In spite of the fact that people believe that cats know what type of food they should be eating, there are certain toxic foods they’ll readily eat. While hot sauce may not be really toxic (in small amounts) to cats, it is not really appropriate.

It could very easily result to severe stomach pain. And though there are various types of human food that pets can share, spicy food is not one of them.

Can I Give My Cat Hot Sauce? Answer: No

Cats are not accustomed to eating spicy food that a lot of humans enjoy having.

They can suffer from upset stomachs coming from food containing a lot more spices or fat. It is also easier for them to vomit after ingesting food rich in spices and fat. There have been questions raised about whether or not hot sauce or hot peppers is dangerous.

Peppers are not really dangerous.

In fact, they contain a lot of vitamins and provide numerous health benefits as well.

The problem may be with Capsaicin, a chemical compound, which is what gives chilli peppers the hot taste. This potent oil can irritate the skin of both humans and pets, causing a burning feeling should it get in contact with the skin.

This active compound that is found in hot sauce could result in harmful effects on a cat’s health. These effects may manifest in blood pressure fluctuations, increased flow of blood in the lung tissue, and also reduces the normal muscular contractions in a cat’s gastrointestinal tract.

This would result in a poor digestive process.

Other Harmful Foods
Other Foods that Must be Avoided for Cats

– Chocolates contain “theobromine” that is toxic for animals. This substance reduces the flow of blood towards the brain. It can result in heart attacks as well as other life-threatening diseases.

– Little bits of bone may splinter when chewed on by a cat. One of the worst types of bones is those of the chicken. The splinters could cause cuts within the mouth or the throat of the cat. They could also get stuck and cause choking. Apart from these, bone splinters may lacerate or result in obstructions in the animal’s digestive system.

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– Although dog food may have similar ingredients to food for cats, it is not good to assume that it is appropriate. Cat food will always be made to meet the nutritional requirements of cats. Cats need to be fed more protein compared to dogs. They also need more vitamins, together with the amino acid, “taurine,” which is a necessary part of a cat’s dietary makeup.

– Although raw eggs have high protein content, the egg whites also have “avidin,” a type of protein that depletes biotin from cats. Biotin is a B vitamin that is vital for the normal growth of cats and the health of their coat. A cat suffering from the depletion of biotin would have symptoms that include loss of hair, retardation of growth, and dermatitis.

– Raw fish is not advisable too as it contains the enzyme “thiaminase,” which destroys thiamine. A lack of thiamine can result in neurological problems that can eventually lead to convulsions as well as coma.

– While liver can be good for cats in little amounts, feeding them to much with it can result in nutritional problems because liver contains a lot of vitamin A. When taken in big amounts, the result could be toxicity in Vitamin A, which affects a cat’s bones.

A cat must never be fed with liver when supplements with Vitamin A are being given too.
Onions, whether they are raw or cooked, contain “N-propyl disulphide.”

This compound though not dangerous to humans, destroys the red blood cells of cats and other animals like dogs and cattle.

To play it safe, it is always best to feed your pet with food that is made especially for their nutritional requirements.

Cats may enjoy human food as it is always tastier, but this does not mean that it would be safe for them to eat. Besides, if they are used to having cat food daily, they will not really be missing anything.

What is important is that they are fed properly with only their best interest in mind.

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  1. I can’t keep Mister Friskers out of my peppers. He loves spicy food. He comes running whenever he hears the cap to the hot sauce snap open. Yup, he’s my spicy little boy.

  2. It is harmful. My cat, Spot, was eating foam rubber he had found in his chair. He simply wouldn’t stop, so I covered the exposed foam rubber with it. Bad move!

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