Can I Give My Cat a Mohawk?

Can I give my cat a mohawk?

Can I give my cat a mohawk?They might be making a comeback, but is a mohawk good for your cat? Should your cat be left behind on this trend? That other cat may have boots and a hat, but your cat will have the edge with a mohawk.

Mohawks have been around for a long time before it even occurred to you to give one to your cat. They are named after the Native Americans who inhabited the Mohawk Valley, but have been around long before that.

In 600 BC Scythian warriors were known to sport the style and possibly cementing its bad boy reputation for years to come.

Can I give my cat a mohawk? Answer: Yes.

There is no real reason to give your cat a mohawk. They are not impressed by style and their rebelliousness is not expressed with hairstyles. On the other hand, if done safely and carefully there is no harm in giving your cat a mohawk. They may never forgive you, though. There are two way to go about crafting a mohawk.

The first is merely using gel to push the hairs up in the middle to create a ridge. The second, more traditional way involves shaving the hair off, except for the strip in the middle. Shaving is dangerous, especially with reluctant cats, so use an experienced and professional groomer any time you shave your cat.

Shaving Your Cat
Shaving your cat is not a form of abuse, although your cat might disagree with you during the process. When it is complete many long haired cats even appreciate it. Shaving your cat is difficult and dangerous, even a small nick can seriously damage your cat’s skin. If you can, take it to a professional groomer. If you decide on the do-it-yourself approach enlist the help of a friend to hold down your victim. Use a standard pet sheer with a guard and stay away from the skin.

Be careful even with the guard on because the edges can also hurt your feline friend. If they get too agitated, end the shaving session and continue it at a later time. Do not risk struggling with your cat, because you may hurt it.

Watch the Whiskers!
If shaving your cat it is best to leave the head undisturbed, hence the popularity of the ‘lion cut’, which leaves the hair on the head, paws and the tip of the tail. It also reduces the risk of your cat’s whiskers getting damaged. Whiskers are used by cats for measuring and opening, mood indication and navigation. They are extremely sensitive and useful to the cat and should therefore not be trimmed.

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Hairspray, Gel, Wax
Mohawks don’t just defy gravity by themselves, they need gel, wax, or hairspray to keep them up. Cats, the vain creatures that they are, spend an enormous portion of their day grooming. This grooming mainly consists of licking themselves, so if you put a product in their hair make sure that it does not irritate their skin, but also that it is not harmful if ingested. There are pet gel products available that are safe to use on cats. Check with you veterinarian or groomer for recommendations.

Colorful Cats
In addition to being a gravity defying affair, mohawks are also often awash in bright neon colors. This is where it can get a bit more dangerous for cats. Hair dyes are often contain dangerous chemicals that can potentially be fatal to cats. Black or dark colored cats will need bleaching of the hair to retain any of the colors.

There are no materials to bleach the hair that are safe for cats, so pink is out of the question for dark haired cats. Again, there is no real reason to color your cat’s fur, but if you must do it, use a dye that is suitable for cats. Ask you groomer or veterinarian for recommendations as well.

Best done by a professional groomer
Other than deterring the attacks of nesting Australian magpies there is no reason to give your cat a mohawk. Cats are not toys or dolls, however, if your cat can withstand the stress of the grooming process it will not harm them. A long haired cat may even appreciate feeling lighter for the summer.

Remember that it is still dangerous to use sheers on your cat so it is best to use a professional groomer for your cat’s mohawk.

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