Can I Give My Cat Motrin?

Can I give my cat Motrin?

Can I give my cat Motrin?It can be hard to see your beloved pet in pain, and you might find yourself reaching for the Motrin out of desperation. But most medications made for humans are not suitable for cats, and should be avoided completely.

Motrin is often thought of as a relatively safe pain reliever because Children’s Motrin is popular for kid’s fevers and headaches. However, regular strength, extra strength, and even children’s varieties should all be avoided in regards to your cat.

If you’re definitely sure that they’re showing the signs and symptoms of being in pain, then your best course of action is to call your vet and determine some possible causes and solutions to the problem.

Just because you’ve got the Motrin handy and it seems like a safe and effective way to help your pet, it’s potentially dangerous for them, and can come with a host of side effects that are worse than their present ailment.

Can I Give My Cat Motrin? Answer: No.

The safe bet for all medications is to keep them away from your cat, and don’t administer them even if they are showing classic symptoms that humans also show. Human medication is made for our species, whereas a cat’s circulatory system is different and need specially designed medicine. Pain relievers for cats do exist, but your vet needs to prescribe them according to your cat’s breed, size, and reason for pain. It’s best to take a wait and see if the condition improves on its own and they return to normal without your intervention.

A Note on NSAIDs
NSAID is a type of medication that stands for Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and includes brands like Motrin, Advil, and other generic aspirin or ibuprofen. These are often found in many households across the country and most people are into the habit of popping a tablet at the onset of a headache or other body ache. That’s why it’s so easy to make the connection that if it works for you it will probably work for Fluffy too.

But NSAIDs are quite dangerous for your cat and can even be fatal. Don’t take the chance of harming your pet just because they are suffering from a temporary condition.

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Alternative Remedies
If you notice that your cat is displaying the signs of pain, such as limping around, or giving a meow that you don’t normally hear, there are things you can do to try and soothe them that don’t involve medicine. First, give them some of their normal food, and make sure their water dish is filled with clean, fresh water. Cats like to be assured that their next meal is handy whenever they get hungry.

You can also try brushing them if they like that, or letting them relax in their favorite spot. If they are showing a sense of urgency or displaying other unusual behaviors, it’s time to try some other ideas, or call the vet if they aren’t responding to anything they usually like, or acting strange.

Cats and Medication
When left to their own devices, cats do quite well without meds. As the owner it is your responsibility to keep them as close to nature as possible. There’s no need to quickly try to fix a short-lived bout of pain. If your cat is suffering from a chronic condition, they should be brought to the vet in order to treat the cause and not the symptoms.

We live in an age where everyone wants a quick fix and fast results. It’s hard not to apply that same desire to your cat when they are suffering. But there’s no way to determine just how much pain they’re in, or what is wrong with them, so it’s best not to start aimlessly doping them up when all they need is time to heal.

When to Call Your Vet
Some cat owners don’t like to call the vet for fear of seeming like an overprotective mother. But that’s why you have a vet, or even a vet’s assistant, and they are happy to answer any questions you have, or determine if a visit is necessary. They would rather have you call and clarify what to do rather than just popping pills down your cat to gauge the reaction.

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  1. My vet gave me Motrin for my cat’s pain to use every other day. Can I use it more often? She is in pain and it helps her.

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