Can I Give My Cat Nutella?

Can I give my cat Nutella?

Can I give my cat Nutella?Is it OK for cat’s to have Nutella? Let’s explore further.

For people who wish to own cats as pets but have never done so, it might not seem like a complicated process. You own a cat, you give it a good amount of love and attention, you feed it at the right times and give it baths if need be. However, anyone who has owned a cat for some time will tell you simply that the feeding part of the process can be more complicated than any of the other responsibilities put together.

Anyone who loves their pets will want to keep them healthy – but there are plenty of things to watch out for when it comes to what your cat can (and absolutely cannot) eat. A young girl might think that a chocolate treat would make just as good a reward to a loving pet, but this is the worst thing you can possibly do. Taking the best care of your pet involves plenty of meticulous research beforehand, and a lot of surprising facts to consider.

Can I Give My Cat Nutella? Answer: No

There are plenty of reasons to love Nutella. It makes an excellent spread for any kind of bread or pastry; it can be used as icing for cakes and is even quite delicious eaten on its own. For many people, this handy treat is both delicious and filling. For cats, it is lethal at worst – and a very painful bout of diarrhea at best. This is due to the chocolate and dairy content of Nutella.

Fortunately, a single serving of Nutella more often than not will not have too terrible an effect on your cat. However, repeated servings over the course of a few weeks can cause your pet’s health to deteriorate to the point where it could be too late.

How the Chocolate Content Can Affect Cats
Similar to dogs, chocolate can be very toxic to cats. These sweet and decadent treats are quite lethal to your furry feline and should be kept far away from them. Fortunately your cat is not likely to eat chocolate on its own, but it must never be coaxed to eat chocolate. The theobromine content in chocolate – which is what makes it toxic to cats, can cause heart problems that can very much end in death.

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The Dangers of Dairy
Most chocolate treats have a mix of milk among other things, which is a dairy product. While not as lethal to cats as the theobromine found in chocolate, dairy products can be dangerous to cats, especially the adults. As a kitten, they are able to tolerate a dairy product such as milk just fine, but they will no longer get their nutritional needs from milk when they get older.

In fact, a grown cat cannot digest dairy products at all. This can lead to a very upset stomach and a bad case of diarrhea. What this means is that products such as milk and cheese are never recommended for cats and will likely cause them to suffer – even though they are likely to enjoy the meal.

A Mix of the Two: Nutella
With a better understanding about how lethal chocolate can be to a cat due to a very toxic agent, and how dairy can upset a cat’s stomach due to its inability to digest its products, one can understand why Nutella is not a good idea. However to be completely fair, Nutella does not contain enough chocolate to be completely lethal to a cat and not enough dairy for a cat to suffer from terrible indigestion. It is only enough to cause mild discomfort to your cat the first time around – which is a good sign that you need to stop.

Pet food is sold in all shapes and sizes for a reason. Many pets are unable to eat processed foods like humans can due to a less complicated digestive system that is nevertheless very capable of digesting what they do need to eat. Nutella is never a good idea to feed your cat, though there are still worse things you can give it as a treat. A little research goes a long way when it comes to taking care of your cat and making sure it is eating as healthy as possible.

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  1. Is a little bit of Nutella okay for cats? My cat ate a tiny bit of Nutella and I don’t want him to get sick and die.

  2. I was away doing something and my cat licked some of my Nutella. It was only for a few seconds. Is this okay?

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