Can I Give My Cat Vitamin C?

Can I give my cat Vitamin C?

Can I give my cat Vitamin C?Vitamin C is often touted as one of the more essential vitamins that the body needs for energy and immunity from colds and other viruses. But is the same true for a cat, and if so how much do they need, and what is the best way to give it to them?

They make a lot of different Vitamin C supplements for us, and put it in all sorts of forms like chewables, tablets, pills, powders, fortified drinks, and more. A popular way to try to fight off a cold is to take large amounts of Vitamin C at the first signs of an onset. So maybe your cat has shown some signs of getting sick, and you’re wanting to boost up their immune system.

But that’s not really a good idea, since a cat doesn’t digest and process things the same way that we do, and much of that Vitamin C is just going to come out the other end unused. But it’s OK because in all likelihood they don’t even need it, and they’re getting all the vitamins they need from the food you give them.

Can I Give My Cat Vitamin C? Answer: Not Necessary.

As long as you are feeding your cat a premium cat food, they’re getting everything that they need, and you don’t have to worry about giving them extra doses of vitamin C in any form. It’s all formulated right into the kibble, and it’s given to them in a way that they can easily digest and process. The only way your cat might not be getting the right amounts of vitamins and minerals is if you are getting them a low-grade cat food, or you choose to feed them other foods besides cat food.

Pet food companies are not created equally, and they make pet food for all types of consumers. The popular thought is that you can simply buy whatever cat food is on sale and that will be enough for your feline companion. It’s not that all value priced cat foods are bad, but the majority are. There are also expensive brands that aren’t too much better for you cat, which is why it’s best to get a recommendation from your vet as to what cat food would be best for your specific cat. They’ll be able to choose one that has everything your cat needs, without breaking the bank.

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Good Cat Food
There’s actually a lot of research and development that goes into making cat food, and they put all of the things that your cat needs into, and also leave out a bunch of the stuff you cat doesn’t need. If you start bargain shopping for it you’ll end up giving your cat a bunch of fillers, and nutrient dense foods that aren’t necessary for an optimal lifestyle. If you do an experiment you’ll notice that your cat has more pep in their step, and just looks better overall and seems to get sick less when you start feeding them a better grade of cat food.

Different Requirements
Just because us humans need to get our daily value of Vitamin C doesn’t mean that the same holds true for cats. We’re very different animals, and our food pyramids look strikingly different. That’s why it’s important not to apply all of the health news you hear for humans to cats, because it’s not an apples to apples comparison. As an owner you can keep things really simple by just buying a good quality food for them, and then you don’t have to worry about giving them anything else beside water, love, and the occasional cat treat.

The Best for Your Cat
We all want what’s best for our cats, but you don’t want to get onto the slippery slope of supplementing their food supply. It might start with something as innocent as some Vitamin C, but next month they’ll say something else is good for us, and you might consider giving that to your cat as well. Before long you’re spending a bunch of money on extra supplements for your cat that may have some minuscule benefit, but might also end up harming them in the long run.

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  1. I can attest, from personal experience, that cats can benefit from Vitamin C. Check your cat food and see if there is vitamin c in the listing on the bag. Most do not have any. While dogs and cats can manufacture it themselves, as most animals can, humans can not at all and is the reason it is so important to humans. That said, with a compromised animal, as with any sick or debilitated animal, their ability to manufacture it themselves can be affected. This is when supplementation is helpful.

    When you can see a visible change in the animal overnight, you don’t have to have a lab to tell it is beneficial. In my experience, it is quite helpful in kidney issues…with no down side. Would I continue to supplement as a matter of habit? No, it is not necessary or desired. As most vitamin C is synthetic, the best is food derived and liposomal, which has several benefits…far better uptake and remains in the body far longer, increasing it’s beneficial effects. Unused vitamin C is simply flushed from the body.

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